The Decorex SA team has identified lifestyle, design and décor trends for 2018 that will feature at the Decorex SA exhibitions this year.

This year’s trend for large-scale wall art puts no limit on size, and features big, bold pieces designed to enliven rooms with visual depth and texture. (Image credit: Plascon)

The finest lifestyle, design and décor trends pulsating across the globe have been expertly identified and elegantly finessed by the Decorex SA team into the 2018 #rhythmoflife trends, set to feature at the Decorex SA exhibitions.

“There are some truly beautiful trends coming through that we are really excited to share at the upcoming Decorex shows,” explained Anita Bloom, Creative Director: Lifestyle, Design & Retail Portfolio for Decorex SA. “Each one has been influenced by the push and pull of modern life, the tension created by the give and take of work and play as well as the constant movement between our public image and private self. These ever-changing layers work to identify who we are in the world but it’s vital that we create our special, individual space as a way to harmonise all this information.”

Hygge and Lagom

Scandinavian influence is extending its comforting reach across the globe. Combining modernist form with function, each décor item is simply made using only quality materials. These pieces are built to last. And the two dominating forces emerging are hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) and lagom which both complement and contrast each other simultaneously. Where the Danish hygge embraces cosy serenity, the Swedish lagom seeks an ethos of moderation yet both are connected by the element of simplicity. Just sitting in front of a roaring fire can bring about hygge, although it can also be achieved by investing in something more desired than practical. Lagom finds happiness in a ‘less is more’ approach. If hygge is compared with Christmas in all its abundance, lagom would be the New Year’s frugality following this indulgence.



This emerging trend emanates from the psychedelic movement while evolving into a digital modernity that touches on the natural. In this digitised world, nature will branch out to include virtual reality wonderlands with the digital now moving into the physical, creating a ‘phygital’ design. An interesting contrast is created by the juxtaposition of the man-made creation and the natural. The psychotropic trend is defined by vibrant palettes; vivid tropical patterns and digitised prints; lush, botanical themes which take on a heightened, near-synthetic form and motifs with a hallucinogenic quality. When it comes to tints and tones, the psychotropical trend is dominated by deep, saturated colours.

Elevated Organics

The natural element continues to weave itself into the elevated organics trend. Here, modern pieces are connected with the outside through organically tactile, luxurious materials. Inspired by nature, this trend incorporates neutral tones with flowing lines interspersed by realistically rough textures that bring the items to life.

Digital Print

Harkening to the psychotropical trend is the digital print trend inspired by Camille Walala. This is a powerfully positive trend that reflects bright colours in a tribal pop style exuding boundless energy. This design trend, which follows the ‘bigger is better’ form, works perfectly in any show-stopping or social space.


Large-scale Wall Art

When it comes to artistic décor for 2018, there is no limit to maximum scale for wall art. Big, bold pieces will work to enliven any space with visually-created depth and texture – an important aspect of the artwork. Rather than fading into the backdrop, the canvas should make itself felt in a completely entrancing manner.

Room Dividers

A sense of endless space can be cleverly fused with an area of comfort and privacy by the simple incorporation of stylish room dividers in varying forms. Maintain that desired open-plan space while using thin-lined or meshed dividers crafted out of metal or wood. These create a sense of separation for the individual, while not completely closing off the rest of the world.

Metal Design Furniture

Simplicity is key in these signature furniture pieces that don’t overwhelm, but rather encourage a tasteful modernity in interior décor. Thin, black lines, natural fabrics and glass can be fused into any must-have furniture item including mirrors, chairs, tables, bookshelves and even potted plant holders.


Moroccan Fish Scales

This aquatic trend brings the soothing, oceanic movement into any space with the repetitive, overlapping pattern reminiscent of rolling waves. This unique shape is particularly eye-catching and provides designers with an extremely versatile décor aspect that can be brought in through ceramic tiles, wallpaper, furniture textures and mere patterns. Depending on the space, the colours can be uniform, move from lighter to darker or even gently contrasting to create a more psychotropical effect.

Refreshed Jewel Tones

Where rich jewel tones were a big trend the past few years, there has been some refining of the more literal aspects into a subtle, more refreshed jewel tones. This trend is coloured in dusty pink, dusty rose, peacock, muted emerald and rich teal which can be brought through textural elements such as floral, geode rock and associated minerals.

Mixed Metallics

Moving away from the copper dominance, the latest trend in metal is to mix a variety of elements to create a subtle, colourful array. Brass, matte gold, matte black and other iridescent pieces bring an eclectic feeling of warmth to any room.

Natural Form Colour

The Plascon Colour of the Year, Amadeus, is a neutral that perfectly captures the essence of this year’s trends. It’s an earthy, yellow-tinted hue that works to bring a space together while the neutral character brings in a harmonising, grounding energy that can be dutifully combined with other, more overwhelming colours.

Terrazzo Trend

This warming trend continues into 2018 with the subtler tones of sienna, tan and terracotta making way for the stronger rust hue giving a European summer flavour to interior design. The terrazzo trend can be seen in walls, floors, furniture pieces or even accent décor pieces.


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