The world-pioneering “Mesopic” lighting system from Power Matla Innolumis (PMI)

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, installed more than 1000 Nicole ‘‘White Moonlight’’ mesopic LED Streetlights from Innolumis in its parking area.

Power Matla Innolumis (PMI) has developed a pioneering concept for the illumination of public spaces using the latest advanced LED technologies. The company’s world-pioneering “Mesopic” lighting system integrates a sophisticated understanding of visual perception in combination with sustainable individually coloured LEDs to create light that perfectly matches the sensitivity curve of the human eye in evening and night-time vision.

The relationship between light and visibility is complex. It’s certainly not a case of the brighter the light, the better the visibility. Our eyes have two vision systems: one for daytime conditions (photopic) and one for night time (scotopic). Colour, temperature and the interaction between light wave-spectrum affect how well we see.  PMI LEDs stimulate the eye’s rods and cones at appropriate wavelengths for night-time viewing, helping human eyes perceive more colour and better contrast in night time conditions. This is called “Mesopic vision” a concept developed and spearheaded by them since 2008.

At the relatively low light levels provided by public lighting (streetlights), our eyes are primarily sensitive to green and blue light. The fact that people can still see by the bluish shine of the moon illustrates this point. Innolumis luminaires, which include red, green and blue LEDs, are designed with relatively high levels of green and blue, which improves visibility at night, while red is added to improve colour recognition.

This combination of red, green and blue light not only makes it possible to obtain excellent vision, but also does so using very little energy. Power Matla Innolumis’ LED technology actually reduces waste and light pollution so that it offers improved sustainability, energy conservation and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

PMI LED lighting can be applied in residential neighbourhoods, alongside roads, in parks and in parking lots, including a range of special light colour applications which are perfectly suited to remote areas, green leafy suburbs, video surveillance environments, low light pollution areas, and paths and walkways. It includes flood lights, high-mast lights, post-top lights and specialised application lights. They even have a light colour that improves the migration patterns of bats.

MD of the joint venture, Francois van Tonder says: “As technical specialists in LED lighting known for our pioneering Mesopic light colours, our luminaires  are also used in environments where flame proofing, like that required in mining, is of critical importance to our clients. Whether it be our flood light, general area, street or perimeter light, we have an Ex rated solution to fit our clients requirements, and if not, with global access to quick-time R&D, we can deliver such special applications quickly.”

Also, their globally leading constant light output (20 years) and their unique yellow street light colour have been successfully operating in the SA and African market for 8 years. Their Dutch technology partner, Innolumis, is celebrating their 10th aniversary and over 100 000 streetlights installed in the Netherlands alone.

Not only this, but PMI also offers its Smart City solution, the ultimate culmination of PMI’s comprehensive public lighting solution that merges LED technology with data management solutions, spearheading the technology into the future of IOT (internet of things).

Power Matla Innolumis (Pty) Ltd is a partnership between Netherlands based Innolumis Public Lighting BV and well-known and highly respected South African Investment Company, Power Matla Consortium.


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