Reynaers Aluminium South Africa brings superior performance levels to residential buildings.

Reynaers’ highly insulated windows, sliding systems and doors offer an attractive, elegant appearance, flowing form and very light profiles.

Reynaers Aluminium South Africa, leading European provider of sustainable architectural aluminium fenestration solutions, offers a range of sliding door and window solutions in a residential building market that has been yearning for higher levels of elegance and performance at affordable prices.

This opens doors to substantially more creative design and performance combinations to a much broader customer base.


Unrivalled Performance

Reynaers’ highly insulated windows, sliding systems and doors offer an attractive, elegant appearance, flowing form and very light profiles. In addition to these attributes, the systems meet the highest quality standards, yet provide a reasonable price-quality ratio. This allows architects the freedom to access significantly higher values in temperature, wind, noise/acoustic and water sealing and insulation to a market that has not valued these benefits before. In addition Reynaers offers a minimum 10 year system guarantee


Burglar-proof solutions that compliment Design

Through its advanced aluminium technology, Reynaers’ systems bring much greater transparency and light into buildings by facilitating larger open spaces and glazed surfaces, in addition to offering high levels of security performance; using its sleek profiles.

Aluminium windows and doors are well resistant to burglary because of the extreme stability and resistance to deformation of the base material. Reynaers provide a choice of burglar resistance levels that, in combination with safety glass and special glazing beads, make it almost impossible for thieves to penetrate. Watch the burglar resistance testing video, performed on a CF 77 folding system.


True Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of Reynaers Aluminium, conscious that a sustainable building is not just the simple adding together of sustainable products to form a building. Rather, it refers to both a structure and the use of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from sitting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. On building level, Reynaers focuses on:
● Contribution to LEED and BREEAM certificates
● Building impact evaluation:
Reynaers EPD’s in evaluation databases (One Click LCA, …)
○ B-EPD in Totem tool
● Suited for circular buildings
○ Designed for adjustability and replacement
○ Reversible building connections
○ End of life recycling
● Long lifespan, low maintenance
○ High quality surface treatment: powder coating or anodization, offering up to 20 years guarantee
○ Long life time: not affected by UV rays or moisture, no corrosion or rot Reynaers Aluminium South Africa aspires to increase the value of buildings and enhance the living and working of people in South Africa by bringing superior performance levels to the residential building market and encouraging top architects to collaborate with us on challenging architectural projects.

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