ASSA ABLOY launches powerful BIM-enabled tools for door hardware specification.

Randen Lannas, Head of Architectural Specifications & Projects at ASSA ABLOY, showcases Openings Studio.

ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, has launched powerful 3D, BIM-enabled tools that simplify door hardware specification while assisting projects to stay on time and within budget.

  • OPENINGS STUDIO™ is a smart, BIM-enabled product specification tool that helps users create complete and tailored door opening solutions
  • ASSA ABLOY BIM DOOR SOLUTIONS offer a high quality selection of BIM-ready openings packages that can instantly and cost effectively be embedded into designs
  • OPENINGS STUDIO and BIM DOOR SOLUTIONS add value to all scales of building projects and applications. At the push of a button, stakeholders such as architects, specifiers, contractors, installers and building managers benefit from features including:
  • Product information and performance data to comply with budgets, building regulations, project requirements and environmental assessment schemes
  • Informative 3D views of door solutions and associated hardware, aiding the ability to create and integrate designs with a distinctive edge
  • Data in multiple formats for quick integration in native BIM environments and easy collaboration with other stakeholders
  • Frequent updates to incorporate new products and technology, ensuring state-of-the-art functionality and design

“Both tools offer plug-and-play BIM-enabled solutions for doors and hardware–whether you choose from the ready-made BIM DOOR SOLUTIONS packages or get an innovative, tailored solution through OPENINGS STUDIO,” says Randen Lannas, Head of Architectural Specifications & Projects. “Not only are the tools simple and convenient, but they also enhance design and presentation; improve knowledge sharing; and make it easy to comply with the highest environmental standards,” says Lannas.

OPENINGS STUDIO and BIM DOOR SOLUTIONS are designed to accelerate specification and add value at every stage–from design through to build and beyond.

“This BIM capability opens the way to better visualisation, more choice, streamlined decision making, efficient design and build processes and–most significantly–enhanced collaboration. By giving our partners more time to focus on what they do best, we help them step out of a 2D environment into a 3D world of new possibilities,” says Randen Lannas.

BIM adoption is relatively high in the South African market. Forward-looking professionals are capitalising on it to deliver high quality, sustainable buildings more efficiently and cost effectively.

“BIM is changing the building landscape, bringing with it critical improvements in design, specification, delivery and asset/facility management. Using our tools, it’s never been easier for stakeholders to benefit from being BIM-enabled,” said Hayley Elwen, Marketing and Business Development Director: Africa.


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