Boogertman + Partners has launched the annual Boogertman + Partners Architectural Design Scholarship Award Africa 2018

The deadline for submissions for the annual Boogertman + Partners Architectural Design Scholarship Award Africa 2018 is the end of July 2018.

Boogertman + Partners has launched the annual Boogertman + Partners Architectural Design Scholarship Award Africa 2018, the largest architecture scholarship in the country, with a prize valued at R160 000. This unique scholarship is awarded after a highly competitive and exciting design competition that takes place in each year September. Entries close at the end of July 2018. 

“At Boogertman + Partners, we believe that nurturing and developing design talent is a fundamental part not just of our commitment to helping young architects find their career paths, but also of developing valuable skills in the industry at large,” says Boogertman + Partners director Bob van Bebber. “As Africa’s largest architectural firm, innovation in design is one of the main avenues through which Boogertman + Partners aims to differentiate itself, and which we believe is a cornerstone of architectural excellence.”

The heads of department and design lecturers from the architecture departments of eight universities and tertiary institutions across South Africa and Africa are invited to nominate their top students to submit entries to the Boogertman + Partners Architectural Design Scholarship Award Africa 2018. Submissions are open to students who have completed their Bachelor of Building Arts, Bachelor of Building Science or equivalent degree and are studying towards an honours degree.

A panel of judges consisting of prominent industry leaders, academics and the media representatives whittles down the first round of submissions to five finalists who will participate in an intense 48-hour design challenge at the offices of Boogertman + Partners for the prize.

The challenge takes the form of a semi-fictitious design brief which is presented to participants, who then must produce a design solution after the closed session. The brief is geared to challenge participants with a locally inspired scenario to which they need to respond with an innovative solution that considers, among other criteria, factors such as sustainability, socially-responsive design and a uniquely African perspective.  The judges take into account the final design as well as process and presentation.

Van Bebber says, “With this scholarship, Boogertman + Partners hopes to identify a particular aspect of design talent that we believe separates the very best young architects from the rest, and provide them with an opportunity to develop that talent under our guidance.”

The finalists presentations are swiftly followed by the judging process and (after a brief rest) an awards ceremony.

Past winners of the Boogertman + Partners Architectural Design Scholarship Award Africa testify to the value of the award. “The scholarship truly put wind under my wings, inspired me to dream bigger and supported my individuality,” says Dino Vaindirlis, winner of the inaugural Boogertman + Partners Architectural Design Scholarship Award Africa in 2014. “The experience of the competition itself taught me vital lessons of thinking on my feet, self-confidence, presenting to a gruelling panel and immeasurable insights into design. The mentorship programme … really inspired my work and added an additional layer to my education.”

2016 winner Keegan Stokes says, “True to its nature, this really is a challenge. But it’s also an incredible opportunity that doesn’t come around often. It’s intense, it’s fun, and it’s completely rewarding, no matter how you look at it.”

The Boogertman + Partners Architectural Design Scholarship Award Africa is awarded over two years and includes a cash component as well as an individual mentorship programme for the duration of the recipient’s studies, plus the option of a two-year work contract at Boogertman + Partners after the winner receives his or her Master’s degree.

“At Boogertman + Partners, we hope that this scholarship will contribute meaningfully to the careers of the individual participants, but more than that, in supporting and developing the unique talents of outstanding young designers, that we can develop a lasting legacy of design excellence in Africa,” concludes van Bebber.

The deadline for submissions is the end of July 2018. Further details about the scholarship and entry requirements can be found on the Boogertman + Partners website at or download the entry form here.

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