A Beautiful Symphonic Experience

Cobra had just launched a new range of taps. The objective was to showcase this new range, and make Cobra taps front of mind for consumers. Cobra is known as an iconic South African Brand, so what better way to Introduce classic taps in harmony, than to put on a symphonic performance.

We replaced the taps in theatre bathrooms, with the new Cobra range, making one slight alteration. Each individual tap controlled a separate section of an orchestra – strings, percussion, woodwind, piano and a choir. A section would play through a tap when it was opened and then switch off when the tap was closed. When more than one tap was opened at the same time, they harmonised to create a beautiful symphonic experience.

Theatre-goers could enjoy an entertaining experience not only on stage, but also in the last place you’d expect to be entertained, the bathroom.

This is what unfolded at the Baxter Theatre:

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