Belgotex’s commitment to people and planet ensures a new African-inspired range doesn’t follow the typical exploitative narrative.

The new Grafica range from Belgotex, which includes three new tufted tile designs – Crates, Blocks and Skew Lines – is an expression of the everyday objects that make up life in modern African cities.

Earlier this year, Leading Architecture & Design was invited to the opening of the new Belgotex Showroom in Umhlanga, Durban, where Belgotex CEO Edward Colle used the occasion to reveal the brand’s latest commercial flooring range.

Describing the new Grafica range as, “A true and authentic example of our team putting concept and creativity at the fore,” Colle explained how Belgotex’s superior machinery and technology has allowed the manufacturer to innovate in ways that can’t be equalled, with the continuous reinvestment in the 30-year-old family business resulting in a world-class brand.

Rooted in humility, Grafica is an expression of the everyday objects that make up life in modern African cities. Three new tufted tile designs – Crates, Blocks and Skew Lines – are influenced by Africa’s abundant creativity with the bold commercial collection delivering robust, graphic pattern to hard-working floors.

Grafica: The Local Expression

Picture a street vendor unpacking her wares from colourful plastic crates, then using the empty receptacles to form a makeshift table on top of which she sells fresh produce. Crates is a stack-style design inspired by our local make-shift, can-do culture.

City blocks, apartment blocks and the individual building blocks that when laid together give rise to our urban spaces – Blocks is a reflection of life in Africa; a vibrant grid of energy where cultures converge.

We dutifully follow the communication that a particular road marking conveys. We stop to question how a stack interchange of overpasses casts a specific shadow on the asphalt below. Skew Lines celebrates contrast and the clash of perspectives.

A Culture of Innovation

As Africa’s leading soft-flooring specialist, Belgotex designs, manufactures and delivers quality floors that endure the speed of life. The factory is designed to maximise operational efficiency whilst minimising any negative impact on the environment, which not only allows control over the quality of the product, but ensures unprecedented speed to market, with the flexibility to explore new ideas.

Driven by a vision focused on innovation, quality and sustainability, Belgotex is the recipient of South Africa’s first Custom Industrial 6 Green Star rating. This certification recognises “World Leadership” at the Pietermaritzburg-based factory, which since the start of their green journey in 1991 has constantly pushed the limits of operational efficiency, seeking out ecologically sustainable manufacturing methods and developing eco-friendly products.

When business is conducted responsibly it builds trust in a brand. More so, when leadership uses its position of power as an opportunity to take action in the world, embracing a role in society that goes beyond profit, it drives the type of behavioural and cultural changes that are required to fix the challenges of our times.


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