BIM data for top 100 products now downloadable from website

The future belongs to Building Information Modeling (BIM), a method of generating and networking data that is revolutionising the global construction industry. BIM offers new, faster and better options for software-based planning, execution and management of construction projects. Being a leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings, GROHE is committed to being at the forefront of change in the construction sector. As part of this commitment, the manufacturer now provides BIM data on some 100 of its high-quality sanitary products for planners, architects and interior designers. There will also be an on-demand service for architects that require a model not in the online top 100 selection.

Completely networked, always up to date

The BIM process captures and combines all relevant building data in a digital representation which is visualised in the form of a building model. Any change to the model automatically triggers updates of all relevant lists and files. All project contributors have access to a shared and constantly synchronised database. This ensures uninterrupted availability of the latest data, resulting in clearly improved and faster exchange of information. Apart from boosting productivity during the planning and construction stages, BIM can also simplify the management and maintenance of the completed building throughout its lifecycle, offering long-term benefits for owners and operators.

Architects, planners, engineers and contractors can make wide-ranging use of BIM data when it comes to specifying products. By entering a product’s BIM data in their project, they can immediately see its effects on available space, style and decor, technical requirements and costs.

Value added product information, competitive advantage

GROHE, too, benefits from the new technology. Availability of BIM data can be a critical factor in winning a supply contract for a project. Getting involved in a project from an early stage gives the company a competitive advantage. BIM also enables the manufacturer to continuously add value to its product information and to update it on an ongoing basis. Project contributors can find BIM data on numerous Internet portals. GROHE makes available its BIM ready data in Autodesk Revit format on the company website as well as on

BIM is already very popular in the USA where it is used by more than 70 percent of construction companies. Acceptance in Europe and Asia is growing as well, not least due to the fact that various governments have made the use of BIM methodology a mandatory requirement in public projects.

This is why GROHE has decided to embrace BIM, thereby highlighting its strong partnership with the construction sector and its role as an innovation driver in the sanitary industry.

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