C&CI architect elected President of GIfA

Daniel van der Merwe, Architect at the Cement and Concrete Institute (C&CI), has been elected as the new President of the Gauteng Institute for Architecture (GIfA).


Van der Merwe, who will serve the 2013/14 two-year term of office, commented: “Representing both a key construction materials industry, such as the concrete and cement sector, and the architectural profession allows for unique opportunities for collaboration.


“I hope that during my term as president, GIfA will evolve into the premier architectural institution in South Africa, and as the true representative of the architectural profession in Gauteng.


“Gifa operates from the economic heartland of South Africa and as such has the capacity to not only be provincially influential but also become a vital link nationally between architecture, government, the construction industry and the communities we serve. This role is important when seen in the context of the new official National Development Plan and the anticipated infrastructural development roll-out.


“Architecture is not only a powerful agent for social betterment but also the key profession in creating more sustainable and inclusive cities and communities. Architects possess the expertise, insight and reliable knowledge for social upliftment. It must become GIfA’s primary purpose to facilitate better interaction between relevant sectors, and to lobby government about the value-added benefits of the architectural profession,” he added.


Bryan Perrie, managing director of C&CI, said the Institute was proud that its “in-house” architect had been elected to this position. “It reflects the respect Daniel enjoys among his peers and will add even more stature to the important concrete promotional role he performs for C&CI,” he stated.


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