C&CI training programme for 2013 published

The Cement & Concrete Institute (C&CI) Education Programme for 2013 has been published.


Petrus Jooste, Education and Training Manager of the C&CI, says concrete training plays a vital role at a time when the shortage of skills is hampering economic progress in South Africa.


He states in the programme’s foreword that for the construction industry to remain sustainable, there is an urgent need for specifiers, designers, producers and contractors to be competent and responsible.


Jooste adds:  “Concrete is by far the most widely used construction material in the world.   As the strength, durability, eco-friendly and economic benefits of concrete become better known, the demand for more skills and advanced training in the concrete industry is increasing. To meet industry’s needs, the C&CI School of Concrete Technology presents several courses for the various levels of education and skills required on a construction site, or in concrete-related industries.”


John Roxburgh, SCT Senior Lecturer, says the C&CI School provides professional education and training to address all needs, ranging from the labourer to the engineer.


“The SCT Level 10 course, for example, is an introduction to concrete suitable for sales staff or anyone wanting a short but detailed introduction to concrete.  The SCT Level 20 courses – aimed at more senior foremen, Clerks of Works and technicians – are built on the concepts and foundations laid down in Level 10 courses.  The SCT Level 30 Concrete Technology courses are more intensive and designed for civil and structural engineers or highly experienced technicians, sales managers and building contractors.


“The special correspondence course ‘Concrete Technology and Construction’, run under licence to the Institute of Concrete Technology, will again be presented in 2013. C&CI has also, from 2012, been sanctioned to present the ICT ‘Concrete Technology & Construction – Concrete Practice’ course in South Africa. The course, which is also known as ICT Stage 1, will be presented in Midrand during May and December 2013,” Roxburgh says.


The SCT’s prestigious Advanced Concrete Technology (ACT) course carries a diploma which enjoys world-wide acceptance as the leading qualification in concrete technology. The course is presented in SA every two years under the auspices of the ICT in the UK. The next course will start in September 2013 with two examinations written in July 2015.  The deadline for applications is July 2013.


Roxburgh says companies stand to gain major benefits from sending staff to SCT courses. “Staff will return with a thorough knowledge of concrete concepts, the most up-to-date ‘best concrete’ practices, latest concrete trends and leading edge technologies, all designed to help staff make meaningful contributions when back at work,” he adds.


Courses are run in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth


For more information, phone 011 315 0300 or download the training programme on website  www.cnci.org.za

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