Changing the face of flooring

With innovative technology a Husqvarna hallmark, the Husqvarna Hiperfloor system is already proving itself a leader in its field. Successful applications in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors make this low-maintenance, dust-free flooring the smart choice. Using machinery, chemicals and resin bond polishing diamonds, this cost-effective Hiperfloor system results in hard-wearing and hygienic yet chic and stylish flooring.


There are 14 steps in the Husqvarna Hiperfloor process, from removing surface components such as residual adhesives to sealing and polishing the concrete surface. The process can be stopped at any point, depending on the client’s needs. These steps can be broken down into four distinct phases. Cleaning the floor removes any unwanted components like epoxy, paint coatings or ceramic tile adhesives. The floor is then ground using 20 to 160 grit diamond tools. Polishing and sealing ensures an attractive high-gloss finish that is harder than tile and abrasion resistant.


Eduardo Pereira of Cutters is a dealer of the Hiperfloor system in the Cape. Among his many satisfied clients are specialist concrete flooring contractors like Floor Grinding Services. He says “The Husqvarna Hiperfloor system is a tough and durable system that uses premium quality products that produce superior results. The chemicals are easy to use and handle. The equipment is hard-wearing and renders high yields. Floor grinding and polishing is a specialised process that requires detailed knowledge. It is one of the fastest growing sectors within the construction industry worldwide.”


To highlight the practical and low-impact nature of the system, Husqvarna’s Pieter Smuts explains “You won’t see many tiled shopping centres in Australia, they only use polished concrete floors because they have such a long life span. The maintenance is easy, too. If you need to service your floor all you do is demarcate an area and start. The Hiperfloor system is dust-free and relatively quiet. We once did a four-day floor grinding exercise in a shopping centre without having any effect on their day-to-day business.”


The Hiperfloor system can be used for repairing rain-damaged slabs or worn and damaged concrete floors as well as removing trowel marks and surface irregularities. A useful side application is the polishing of terrazzo and natural stone floors. If you are throwing your own concrete, Smuts suggests placing good quality stones in the top layer so that when the floor is ground, these stones are exposed, giving an attractive and decorative finish. If you want to get creative, you can lay granite into the concrete and create patterns or words when it is exposed.


This technology, although relatively new to South Africa, is popular with architects and construction companies overseas who spec it into their drawings. The Soccer stadium in Durban was commissioned with a ground concrete floor instead of tiling or ordinary concrete slabs. Factories, wineries, shops and high-traffic stadiums all benefit from ground and polished concrete flooring. Mid to high gloss polishes can be achieved, with high gloss a stylish finish in homes.


The technology

Husqvarna Hiperfloor technology is innovative and enables increased revenue with decreased cost. It boasts improved operational efficiency and is backed by Husqvarana’s impressive industry know-how.


Hiperfloor grinders and floor preparation units are powerful and reliable. They provide high quality high output whilst guaranteeing control. They are dustless, low maintenance and powered by Dual Drive Technology™.


Hiperfloor dust collectors provide mobility, are compact and relatively quiet and can be used for wet or dry collections. Excellent filtration ensures workplace safety and easy breathing.


The PG820

The PG820 is the largest of the surface preparation and finishing machines. Its Dual Drive Technology ™ makes it a most powerful and efficient machine whilst its ergonomic handle design ensures low user impact. It is low maintenance, reliable, robust and easy to use. It works well in conjunction with the DC5500.


The DC5500

The DC5500 is an airborne dust remover that filters more than 99% of dust particles from the atmosphere. It has a wet and dry application, is easy to use and is relatively quiet.


For more information, visit Husqvarna is also on Facebook (Husqvarna South Africa) and Twitter (@Husqvarna_ZA).

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