Choose aluminium

John Lamb, Category Manager for Kenzo at leading windows and doors supplier Swartland, explains why an aluminium front door by Kenzo could be the right option for you.

Kenzo Sliding Doors

A good-looking front door is an essential aesthetic component of the first impression of your home. “A front door speaks volumes about what lies beyond, so it is important to select one that complements your home’s architectural and interior style,” says John Lamb, Category Manager for Kenzo at leading windows and doors supplier Swartland. “However, your choice should not only be about aesthetics – functionality needs to be considered as well.”

In light of this, Lamb notes that aluminium front doors – such as those from Swartland’s Kenzo range – are a great option. “Kenzo’s aluminium front doors are available in a variety of styles designed to complement both contemporary and traditional homes,” he says. “They also have other practical benefits.” Here are the main benefits of installing an aluminium front door in your home.



“Aluminium is a composite material – strong, yet lightweight,” says Lamb. “As such, an aluminium front door can feature larger glazing elements to let in maximum light, while not compromising on the strength of the door itself. These doors are tougher and more robust than those made from other materials, providing greater security and protection.”



While you may think that aluminium doors err on the side of contemporary styling, according to Lamb they are available in a diverse range of styles. “Doors in the Kenzo range are available in styles that complement modern and traditional architectural design, and can be used in several applications, including as front doors, balcony doors, office doors and even internal doors,” he says. For extra customisation, you can equip an aluminium door with toplights (glass panels at the top) and/or sidelights (glass panels on the sides), making it a standout feature.



Aluminium doors are incredibly durable, says Lamb. “Aluminium doesn’t experience contraction or expansion, so your front door won’t warp or crack, no matter what the climate,” he says. “Aluminium is also naturally resistant to corrosion, which means doors made of this material are an especially good option for coastal areas. They will last a long time, and maintain their good looks.”


Ease of maintenance

Aluminium doors and windows require minimum maintenance, saving you time and money over the long term. “Aluminium doors come with a durable, aesthetically pleasing powder-coated finish,” says Lamb. “The Kenzo products are available in a Silver, Bronze, Charcoal or White powder-coated finish that won’t fade or discolour when exposed to the elements. To maintain the finish, wipe down the frame with a damp cloth every now and then – no sanding or sealing required.”



Aluminium doors are a comparatively inexpensive option, largely as a result of the wide availability of the material, and the fact that it is easy to recycle. Ease of maintenance also adds to their affordability – you won’t need to invest in sandpaper, sealant, time or labour to keep them looking their best.


Increased comfort

Comfort living is about maintaining an appropriate indoor climate for the occupants by controlling the transfer of heat and sound between the interior and exterior of a building. There is a global shift in the built environment towards intelligent buildings, designed to control indoor comfort levels through the use of passive methods such as double glazing, which helps to reduce energy consumption, saves money and reduces the impact of human settlement on the environment. Kenzo gives customers the option of double glazing their doors and windows.

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