The team at Design Joburg, featuring Rooms on View, are excited to present CoLab, their enhanced new collaborative room set experience in conjunction with Fired Earth paints.

The Design Joburg CoLab participants revealing their Fired Earth paint colours to each other. Each designer has created their own signature Fired Earth paint colour and will be using it within their CoLab feature stand at Design Joburg, featuring Rooms on View.

Last year’s CoLab at Design Joburg, featuring Rooms on View – the curated feature exhibits that bring together leading architects and interior designers with top drawer brands, local artisans and suppliers – were a true innovation, and a hit with attendees. So, in 2018, they’re refining, formalising and supersizing this aspect of the show for both exhibitors and visitors. Because these collective spaces are so inventive and experimental, they’ve dubbed them CoLabs. 2018’s CoLab will be brought to visitors in conjunction with Fired Earth paints.

The overall concept remains the same, but the Design Joburg team are just taking the alchemy up a level. Each designer will be creating their own signature paint colour and using it within their CoLab feature stand. Visitors can purchase their favourite colours, in beautifully designed convenient 2,5 litre tins, from the Fired Earth retail stand. Thereafter, the range will retail at all Builders Warehouse and Builders Express stores across the country.

The 10 CoLab designers and architects include:

  1. Liam Mooney
  2. Heather Boting
  3. Buzwe Mabuza from Design Dreams International
  4. Donald Nxumalo from DNX Interior Design
  5. Erica Schalkwyk from Form Interior
  6. Mia Widlake and Debbie Voten from Studio 19
  7. Ryan Illger from Blacksmith
  8. Adrian Morris from Design Partnership
  9. Joe van Rooyen from JVR Architects and Interiors
  10. Tristan du Plessis from Studio A

The more established studios like Design Partnership, Studio A, Blacksmith Interiors and JVR Architects will be taking on the role as mentors working with design start-ups:

  1. Blacksmith with Jacoline Sema
  2. Design Partnership with Praveen Dinna and Jadene Naidoo
  3. JVR Architects and Interiors with Tshepo Sealetsa
  4. Studio A with Tuami Zulu

Expect boundaries to be pushed, and some progressive displays to evolve.

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