Chryso Southern Africa has launched a new product, LuminTech, that adds an attractive luminous glow to concrete surfaces after dark.

A LuminTech® border around a swimming pool, and around the same swimming pool at night.

Chryso Southern Africa has launched a new product that adds an attractive luminous glow to concrete surfaces after dark.

LuminTech®, the impressive new addition to Chryso’s wide range of decorative concretes, comprises a variety of different luminescent particles that are applied to the surface and incorporated into the concrete skin. The particles – which during the day imitate natural aggregates – absorb UV radiation, both natural and artificial, and then after dark release the energy to illuminate selected areas of a building or home.

Michelle Fick, Executive Relationship and Project Manager for the Chryso Southern Africa Group, says LuminTec® offers exciting new design possibilities for architects, landscapers and home-owners.

“The innovative technology can be used to illuminate and enhance the architectural lines of an urban building at night, or highlight a domestic terrace or garden pathway, or the edges of a swimming pool. The intensity of the illumination depends on the volume of particles scattered on the concrete skin. Available in four colours, the particles are ideal for outdoor use as they are not epoxy-based,” Fick explains.

She says LuminTech®’s glowing appearance can generally be seen for more than 10 hours after dark, and can be used as luminous nocturnal marking in lowlight areas or even replace electric lighting on cycle paths, for example. The luminous concrete marking enhances quality of life as it clearly defines spaces making it easier for users to find their way in the dark.

“LuminTech® application merely calls for the particles to be placed on the concrete surface. It also requires no manual input to ‘switch on’ and just needs conventional decorative concrete maintenance: washing the surface occasionally with soapy water. Even in daylight, the particles offer designers creative potential:  the choice of daytime colours differs from the colours glowing in the dark.”

Fick says LuminTech® should ideally be used on exposed aggregate concrete in conjunction with Chryso’s Deco Lav water-based surface retarder. The luminous particles are also suitable for polished concrete surfaces although this application is not widely used.

“For a building industry increasingly concentrating on sustainability, LuminTech® is an environmentally-friendly light source as its particles are sourced from composite recycled material and natural mineral pigments. The new product’s technology meets several French and European standards and strongly resists impact and friction. It is also not affected by freeze-thaw cycles,” she adds.

The durability of LuminTech® is another strong positive factor as its luminosity does not deteriorate over time.

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