Comprehensive training on concrete industrial floors on offer this year

The Cement & Concrete Institute says design and detailing, and construction practice, are aspects of concrete flooring that require specific training.


“In addition, a thorough understanding of all the characteristics of concrete, the influence of material selection, environmental inconsistencies, as well as handling and finishing, are essential to produce a quality floor. A disregard for any of these factors can result in problems normally observed too late in the process to affect change,” says Hanlie Turner, marketing manager of the C&CI.


“The C&CI School of Concrete Technology’s training on Concrete Industrial Floors aims to help consulting engineers and contractors overcome these problems. The syllabus is extensive and covers, for example, design, joints, reinforcement, and surface finishing. The training on construction covers the selection of materials, construction of the sub-grade and sub-base, concrete requirements, as well as construction and finishing of concrete industrial floors,” Turner states.


Flooring training courses are presented by the C&CI regularly. This year, the ‘Concrete Industrial Floors on the Ground’ one-day course, which provides engineers and contractors with a detailed and practical overview of all facets of industrial floor construction will be held on March 15 and June 19 in Midrand, May 29 in Durban, and July 31 in Cape Town. A specially adapted course with more emphasis on concrete technology and practice than on design philosophy will also be on offer from the School of Concrete Technology. Arrangements for other special courses can also be discussed with the School.


In addition to the School’s training courses, free publications on flooring produced by the C&CI include, for example, ‘Repairing spalled joints in concrete floors’ and ‘Sand-cement floor screeds and concrete toppings for floors’. These publications can be downloaded from the C&CI website free of charge. The acclaimed handbook, ‘Concrete industrial floors on the ground’ by the C&CI managing director, Bryan Perrie, and Louis Marais, can be purchased from the Institute.


“The C&CI can also provide advisory service on all aspects of concrete flooring and the Institute’s Information Centre stocks a wealth of reference material on the subject,” Turner adds.


Further information on concrete floors and relevant training courses can be obtained by phoning 011 315 0300 or visiting the C&CI website


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