Den Braven Hybriflex-540

Hybriflex-540 is a superior sealant and adhesive to seal expansion joints in concrete, natural stone, wood, enamelled surfaces, steel and aluminium.

Den Braven Hybriflex-540 is ideal for use in dilation joints and joints in both interior and exterior pedestrian walkways and a as a perimeter or weather seal around windows and door frames (metal, aluminium and wood) around sliding doors and skylights.

Hybriflex-540 was the sealant of choice for a range of applications in projects such as Capitec head office in Stellenbosch, The Ridge and The Rockerfeller Hotel Cape Town, Pixley Kaseme Hospital, Clover factory in Durban, Steyn City and Balwin estate in Gauteng. Hybriflex-540 is often used with Den Braven Polyethylene (foam) backing cord as a bond breaker.

Product attributes:

  • Very high resistance to UV degradation and weathering
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates with minimum surface preparation.
  • Impervious to oil, grease and water
  • Environmentally friendly, low in VOC
  • Non-bubbling
  • Paintable

Available in white, beige, grey and black

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