Boogertman + Partners has launched an end-to-end consulting service offering spatial solutions to get business back to work.

The social distancing solution in Boogertman + Partners’ own office includes a grid of floating markers that refreshes the workspace and changes the way in which space is viewed with colour coding and wayfinding signals.

Boogertman + Partners has launched an end-to-end consulting offering into the market. The comprehensive offering provides insights and spatial solutions with the teams and expertise needed to implement solutions in order to get business back to work in times of business unusual.

Called Design the Future the package combines 38 years of architectural and interior design experience within the group with new specialist business entities that have been under development for the last 24 months.

· Know your Asset, a digital scanning and management tool to ensure businesses have all of their building assets online and accessible as needed for upgrades and maintenance.

· Boogertman Interiors Turnkey, a dedicated interiors project management and implementation team.

· FuturePart – a research and experimental design unit.

· DOT – a graphics and digital studio focused on solutions in the built environment with extensive experience in wayfinding signage and branding concepts.

The new service offers an initial consultation session with experienced architects and interior designers for businesses in any sector needing guidance on how to implement social distancing in the most effective and spatially considered way. This ideas and insights sharing session, on-site with a client generates solutions which can either be implemented internally by the client or extended to using a blend of the specialist skillsets working within the Design the Future teams.

“Over and above moving into safe distancing parameters for businesses there is the critical component of how to make people feel safe and productive when they are back at work,” says Bob van Bebber (Director, Boogertman + Partners). “The solution in our own offices goes further than compliance and challenges the notion of ‘distancing’. We want people to come back into the space to collaborate and need to devise tools for encouraging safe sharing. The floating 2m x 2m grid of balls shifts the idea of ‘distance’ to create a landmark system of sharing safely. Provided you are under a ball, and the person you wish to work with is as well – you can safely share.”

The festive grid of floating markers refreshes the workspace and changes the perspective of how the space is viewed with colour coding that provides wayfinding signals on which way to walk and where to find the hand sanitizing stations.

This solution is a demonstration of how imagination and design are critical components of providing solutions for ‘business unusual’ says Jean Grobler (Director, Boogertman + Partners). “Design the Future is a cohesive service and the opportunity to partner with our clients. We want to engage with them to find and provide solutions as swiftly as possible, not only to survive in business unusual times but to use design to connect with their staff and clients through differentiation.”

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