Dulux ColourFutures Predicts Trends for 2013

World renowned and highly anticipated trend forecaster, ColourFutures™ 2013 has recently been launched by Dulux, a brand from the world’s number one paint company, AkzoNobel. The culmination of an annual gathering by the world’s foremost creative design, architecture and fashion experts, ColourFutures™ serves to predict key trends for the coming year.

These insights are then translated into colour pallets and images, which are brought together in the beautiful ColourFutures™ almanac designed to inspire customers on an annual basis. “This year, the annual ColourFutures™ meeting was staged in the Netherlands at Noordwyk’s museum of Paint. Here we analysed social and economic factors that determine how people across the globe view their world. Once a conclusion had been reached, we translated our findings into colours that reflect these moods,” explains Dulux colour expert, Sonica Bucksteg.



“The rise of social media has meant that modern life is all about connections in this global village we all call home. And while we all strive to remain connected through our computers, cell phones and tablets, we also need to disconnect from the ‘noise’ once in a while to recharge and rejuvenate our souls. The colour of the year for 2013 has been selected to act as a visual Band-Aid to our hectic lives, which is why a regal, tranquil and honest indigo that is easy to live with is the defining shade for next year,” adds Bucksteg.


Incredible Indigo-Colour of the Year 2013

As Bucksteg says, “Soothing, honest, relaxing and inspiring are all words used to define incredible indigo. With the mounting pressure of daily living and the financial woes we have all felt due to the global economic meltdown, home needs to be a haven that both calms and pacifies. Indigo amazes us and the fact that we are given access to a blue this deep and rich in the natural world gives the colour a magical quality instilling in us a sense of wonder. In addition, indigo is a versatile hue that pairs well with brights, citrus colours and warmer neutrals, as well as other blues, purples and greens.”      


The Five Key Trends

In addition to the colour of the year, ColourFuturesTM also serves to identify five key trends that will drive the coming year. According to Bucksteg the five colour trends for 2013 are not contrived or forced, but rather have evolved from our demanding and fast paced lifestyle. The palette for 2013 is mature, elegant and sophisticated and has been defined as Collective Passion; Switching Off; The Art of Understanding; Home Factory; and Visual Solace.


Collective Passion

“Social media has created new possibilities to connect and share ideas. As a result, trends which used to develop slowly now spread like wildfire. With the same energy and enthusiasm, this colour pallet swoops from one colour cloud to the next, with distinct colour groups flowing together. These attention-grabbing fluro and pastel shades express joy, creativity and purpose,” clarifies Bucksteg.


Switching Off

Bucksteg goes on to outline that the simple joy of doing nothing is what inspired the trend known as “Switching Off”. “Every now and again we need to hit the pause button to catch up with ourselves and reconnect with our hopes and dreams.

For this reason, we have created a pallet of silent colours and ethereal hues including harmonising tones of burgundy and blue tinted blacks that can create a restful and tranquil space in which to slow down.”


The Art of Understanding

The age-old fascination with taking things apart and laying them out to understand their inner workings has inspired this pallet of ice-cream colours. With a link to the perfection of the fifties, vintage inspired candy tones have been paired with laid back neutrals or deep teal and brown for a stylish combination with a twinkle in its eye. “To achieve this look, simply highlight key areas and the functions of a space with ice-cream shades to simplify the complex and achieve satisfaction from the resulting sense of order,” says Bucksteg.


Home Factory

“Self-reliance is a growing trend that is seeing many a city dweller take to their sewing machines, brew their own beer, start a vegetable patch or cure their own meat. For many who long for a return to the more traditional way of doing things, home has become something of a factory where off-the-shelf products are being hand-made. The colours in this pallet are inspired by nature’s dyes. Think reds from beetroots and summer berries, a warm burnt orange of carrot juice or baked clay and the indigo of denims that speak of factories of old and you’ll have a good idea of the colour pallet that subscribes to this trend,” adds Bucksteg.


Visual Solace

“The fifth and final pallet has been termed ‘Visual Solace’ and is derived from the inexplicable link between art and nature. The beauty of art is that it has the power to move people deeply because it speaks to us on levels that can’t be put into words. The same solace and comfort can be found in the natural beauty that surrounds us. Degraded mauve and floral pinks meet golden and bronze hues, as well as linen and hessian tones. The overall impression is gentle, soothing and feminine,” concludes Bucksteg.


A Colourful Mission

It seems the Dulux mission of “adding colour to people’s livesTM” will once again be realised in 2013. With colour pallets such as these one can’t help but be inspired to transform their living spaces with colour.

To download a free copy of the new Colour Futures, simply visit www.colourfutures.com

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