Duravit online CPD training

Duravit has been setting the trend in online architectural and interior design CPD training.

Duravit has partnered with e-CPD.pro, a new online learning platform that provides high-quality Category 1 and 3 CPD courses specifically focused on the built environment, helping Architectural and Interior Design professionals earn continuous professional development points.

Duravit as a company operates in more than 130 countries worldwide and stands for innovations in the fields of signature design, the intelligent use of technology and premium quality. In cooperation with high-profile international designers such as Philippe Starck, Phoenix Design, sieger design and Cecilie Manz, the company develops comfortable bathrooms that really enhance quality of life for users on a sustained basis.

In the words of Phillipe Starck: “Our task is mainly to increase our expertise and enhance the technology of the devices that surround us, without being visible.”

Duravit recognised the need for advancement in technology even when it comes to the continuous professional development of architects and designers in South Africa and have partnered with e-CPD.pro to make this happen. The relationship between Duravit and e-CPD.pro is one of mutual inspiration and commitment to the advancement of great design and technology.

e-CPD.pro is the new online learning platform specifically focused on the built environment, that provides access to knowledge-boosting courses for architectural and interior design professionals, which enables them to take control of their careers and reach their full potential by becoming lifelong learners. The vision for the e-CPD.pro platform is to become Africa’s go-to platform for professionals to gain in-depth knowledge on all aspects of their profession, from product knowledge, specification planning and inspiration, to technical and business training.

e-CPD.pro provides high-quality Category 1 and 3 CPD courses, across the most important and relevant topics in the architectural, design and building industry. Both free and pay option CPD courses are available on the platform.

Close partnerships and collaborations are being formed with the leading trendsetters in the industry, from suppliers/manufacturers to architectural institutes, ensuring the platform stays up to date with the latest trends and guidelines.

The e-CPD.pro platform is becoming the page to visit when seeking the latest online architectural webinar series or event to attend, with architectural institutes namely GIFA and SAIAT starting to make use of the platform for all their events and training in future.

e-CPD.pro is more than just an online learning platform for architects and designers, it is an instructional design platform.

Quality of content is a vital pillar in learning. Corina Gibson director of e-CPD.pro states, “We will rather focus on quality content and partners like Duravit SA, and grow slowly as a platform, than quantity, with no real value or impact. As experts in learning and development, our passion for education and commitment to excellence, drives us in continually raising the bar, when it comes to the design and development of our learning platform and the content we host.”

e-CPD.pro’s learning strategies are based on a human-centred approach, offering professionals a personalised and professional experience, through the successful usage of blended learning models.

All courses hosted on the e-CPD.pro platform are reviewed annually to ensure the course content is always current and industry-relevant equipping professionals with only the latest knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to apply in their careers.

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