Geberit perfects their innovative in-wall shower drain.

Simply Swift. Showering Without Compromises.

Geberit has perfected their new innovation of installing the shower drain in the wall. This practical solution is proving to be an ever-increasing popular choice in both bathroom renovation projects and new buildings alike, that they are virtually setting new standards.

By moving the drain from the floor to behind the wall, it is possible to incorporate both the shower and bathroom floor seamlessly, thus creating a continuous floor-even surface.
This makes it easier to tile, giving a clean overall impression.

Whether they are being used in solid or drywall constructions, Geberit wall drains for showers can be easily integrated into the wall and connected to the existing drainage pipes. The installation elements come ready to install, which reduces the amount of installation work required and guarantees a tight, long-lasting connection.

The wall drain features an integrated hair trap which can be removed and cleaned out in no time at all. The cover is available in a range of designs to suit your needs.

Better Flow
Floor even bathrooms are all the rage: they are elegant and create a sense of space. With the Geberit wall drain for the shower, you achieve total freedom in your dream bathroom. The water flows out through the wall, so the floor retains its appearance of uninterrupted tiling. Behind the wall, the proven Geberit system technology ensures smooth drainage.

Sleek design. Smart showering. Clever cleaning.
Thanks to the different finishes of the cover, including the customizable option, there is a solution to suit every bathroom.

Benefits at a glance
• The new slim and compact design makes the wall drain even easier to install
• The wall drain allows for a uniform tile appearance and enables problem-free cleaning
• A cleanly designed shower and the proven technology behind the wall which has been tested many times over, are the basis for the development of the wall drain
• Innovative and visually appealing
• Durable sealing technology

Colour and material choices
• Stainless steel brushed
• Bright chrome-plated
• White
• Customised with own tile inlay

Versatile design, practical cleaning
• Versatile –the cover can be matched to the desired tile pattern
• Easy to use – the wall cover can be removed with a simple hand wheel
• Easy to clean – the hair trap can be removed and cleaned
• Option: add the slim collector profile in front of the wall drain which allows dirt and deposits to easily be wiped away

Geberit, as a pioneer and world leader, is well known for its water-saving, advanced plumbing and sanitary technologies. Founded in 1874, Geberit has built a reputation for sustainability, innovation, quality and reliability.

He who builds responsibly, builds sustainably and creates quality of life.

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