Geberit Shower Solution – perfect form meets perfect function

Enjoy an open-plan, spacious and elegant bathroom with the innovative products from Geberit, designed with the perfect shower in mind.

Geberit element for showers with wall drain
The innovative Geberit elements for floor-even showers move the water outlet from the floor into the wall. This provides you with an elegant floor-even shower solution. Simple and secure installation – without the need to disrupt the floor construction under the shower. Choose from different cover finishes for the outlet: brushed stainless steel, customisable tile-baring, bright chrome or white alpine. The cover can be removed by hand. Behind it is a hair trap, which can easily be removed for cleaning.

Geberit shower channels
Timelessly elegant, manufactured of high-quality product materials and with intelligent details, Geberit shower channels for floor-even showers are the right solution for realising a demanding bathroom design with a floor drain. Thanks to sophisticated technology, plumbers can easily install the Geberit shower channel and adjust it to the tiled floor surface. Available in many different lengths from 70 cm to 120 cm as well as the option to position them either in the middle of the shower or against the wall. The design cover is available in a brushed stainless steel or as a customisable tile-bearing element. The channel includes a double trap which ensures a high water volume drainage capacity, as well as a hair trap under the cover, which can be very easily removed for cleaning.

Geberit floor drain
The Geberit standard floor drains are a reliable solution for drainage of water in any shower.  Ideally suited for installing in a floor-even shower or in the floor of various wet rooms. The floor drain comes standard with a trap, outlet pipe with ball joint , inlet funnel, thin bed bonding flange, sealing collar, seal set for PVC connection, hair trap, protection cover and stainless steel grating. You can upgrade the design of your shower by selecting one of the many solid stainless steel design gratings of different styles that fit the floor drain, available as optional extras. The integrated hair trap which is located under the grating can easily be removed for cleaning. This prevents clogging in the drain and drainage pipes.

There are numerous options of floor drains from Geberit.

Enjoy a 10 year guarantee on these Geberit products.

Geberit, as a pioneer and world leader, is well known for its water-saving, advanced plumbing and sanitary technologies. Founded in 1874, Geberit has built a reputation for sustainability, innovation, quality and reliability.

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