GMBA unveils major future changes at annual meeting

The Gauteng Master Builders Association is embarking on a drive to “make the consumer want to use a Master Builder” and is planning to change its branding and focus to incorporate the other provinces it covers: Mpumalanga, Limpopo and North West Province.


Speaking at the GMBA annual general meeting in Midrand recently, GMBA president, Hennie Bester, said the aim was for the association to become “the representative association for the building industry in South Africa’s northern provinces”.


He told the meeting that the wheels had been set in motion towards a proposed name change to “Master Builders Association North”. “Our aim is to be a key part of a drive to develop and grow the ‘Master Builder’ brand nationally.  Our association’s slogan, therefore, will be: ‘Is your builder a Master Builder?’” he stated.


The GMBA is planning to extend its service offering through networking opportunities (including in the other provinces under its jurisdiction), member achievement recognition, and establishing a skills platform from which members could draw input and training. “For example, we would like to introduce new ‘Excellence Awards’ for members active in contracting, home building, and renovating; and also honour members of exceptionally long standing. The association also wants to assist in tender notification, and advise members not only on legal and BEE matters, but also ‘green’ energy efficient building as well as general new trends in building,” he said.


A new, expanded website with stronger consumer links, as well as the possibility of relocating premises to a more centralised position was also being considered.


In his president’s overview, Bester had referred to “some very aggressive and at time unethical business practice” by members struggling in the current slump in the industry. He expanded in his address to the AGM: “We want to assist the consumer against unethical builders and ‘discipline’ members who do not deliver promised service. We intend setting up more stringent member acceptance criteria, and enhancing our Code of Ethics and ‘builder’s creed’ to have only quality members in our fold. The consumer must want to use a Master Builder. Price must not be the only consideration. The quality of work and support offered by a Master Builder should be decisive factors. To boost consumer support, we also intend enhancing our complaints and arbitration processes,” he added.


Bester was re-elected president of the GMBA, with Croydon Schmidt, also re-elected as vice-president.


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