Hansgrohe’s Rainmaker shower system won the iF gold award

Hansgrohe’s Rainmaker shower system won the iF gold award

The Hansgrohe Rainmaker Select shower head was recently honoured with the highest distinction for outstanding design achievement: The iF gold award.

A large rain showerhead coupled with high-quality glass – the new Hansgrohe Rainmaker Select models have through their unique design turned showering into a sensual experience. And because of their elegant glass surfaces, they blend harmoniously with any bathroom environment. Glass is an essential feature of the modern bathroom and thanks to Hansgrohe it now also plays a key role in the shower.

The use of glass emphasises the clear design language of the Hansgrohe overhead showers with their smooth surfaces and slender chrome rims. Because of its durability and flexibility, glass is among the most versatile of materials. It reflects perfection, precision and lightness, making it a preferred material in contemporary design.

Hansgrohe developed its Rainmaker Select overhead shower in partnership with Phoenix Design: “Today, we spend most of our life indoors, which means that our need for daylight is increasing. That’s why architects use large glass surfaces in their projects,” explains Tom Schönherr, Managing Director of Phoenix Design.

“Transparent interiors create a feeling of open space and foster communication. Today, everyday life without glass is inconceivable – even in the bathroom.” Glass, along with wood, ceramic and stone, is one of the most natural materials used in an oasis of rest and relaxation.

When developing the Hansgrohe Rainmaker Select overhead shower, Tom Schönherr and his team were particularly inspired and fascinated by the timelessness of the material and the ways in which it could harmoniously be integrated into any room.

For a product designer such as Tom Schönherr, good design and ease of use go hand in hand. Glass is the material of choice for flat surfaces because it is robust, hygienic, scratch-resistant, and also resistant to cleaning agents. According to him, “It creates a synthesis between the product and the interior design of the room.”

“An understated design language was especially important to us when we developed the extra-large showerhead to allow for optimal architectural freedom in contemporary surroundings,” explains Tom Schönherr.

Hansgrohe_RainmakerSelect_460_3_Jet_overheadshower“Rainmaker Select overhead showers enhance the showering experience, making it more sensual und luxurious.” The appeal of the range lies in its white-backed glass surfaces – a sustainable material which transforms products into design highlights that significantly enhance the bathroom environment. The materials selected emphasise the clear design language: the smooth glass, sleek chrome frames and rimless surfaces give the overhead showers a premium look that visually complements other bathroom elements and makes the range suitable for any environment.

This also impressed the jury of the iF awards: Hansgrohe’s Rainmaker Select shower system, was honoured with the highest distinction for outstanding design achievement, the iF gold award.

Hansgrohe_RainmakerSelect_460_overheadshower_People_MonoWithin the international Hansgrohe Group, Hansgrohe is the premium brand for bathroom and kitchen fixtures, showers and shower systems as well as thermostat and plumbing technology. Winners of numerous awards throughout the world, the brand’s products stand for modern technologies, innovative design and a superlative level of functional quality. This explains the success of the brand as a market leader in the shower segment and as one of the leading manufacturers of fixtures. With inventions such as the shower bar, adjustable spray types, the QuickClean function, the AirPower or the EcoSmart technology as well as the convenient Select technology, Hansgrohe is regarded as one of the leading innovators in the international sanitation industry.

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