The All I Own House

ALLIOWN (1)What makes a home? In many instances it’s the things we own, the things that make us happy and the things that we’ve collected over time. If you’re prone to hoarding, the activity of homemaking can become a bit problematic, especially if you live in a small space. Madrid-based PKMN Architectures set about solving this problem and came up with the design of the All I Own House – a design that incorporates a multifunctional, adaptable and moveable set of shelving for neatly storing all of your belongings.ALLIOWN (2)Illlustrated above and below, in this small Spanish apartment owned by local designer Yolanda Pila, moveable library-style shelving units slide from side to side to reveal and hide compartments that serve various functions. Each configuration completely transforms the space to make it suitable for a range of different activities. ALLIOWN (3)These functions include the kitchen, bedroom and storage areas. The above configuration displays books and objets while still allowing enough space to have an informal meeting or gathering with friends. The bathroom is built into the corner of the apartment and when fully closed, the storage units unfold to contain a fold-out bed, work surfaces and shelves.ALLIOWN (4)ALLIOWN (8)

‘Through a carefully made design, the combination of carpentry and the use of quite a simple industrial railing system, all the space in the house is arranged through three wooden, suspended, mobile and transformable containers,’ explains studio architect David Pérez García, ‘This space can be totally re-arranged in just a few seconds to adapt the whole house according to specific needs for the use of space at the time, enabling infinite homes within a house.’ The idea is for the design to deal with the storage of personal belongings and the way their organisation and display is related to the domestic living experience. ALLIOWN (7)Above, a chalk-painted wall introduces a fun interactive element for brainstorming or simply writing down a shopping list. One of the other compartments folds out to reveal a hidden kitchen, illustrated below. The options are endless. For more information on this project, visit www.pkmn.esALLIOWN (9) ALLIOWN (11) ALLIOWN (10)


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