The kitchen revolution

Kim Hansen

Beth GillittKitchen design has never been more dynamic than it is right now and the latest movement is towards the introduction of multiple kitchens and kitchen spaces in new home designs.

This is according to Lisa Aspeling, Communications Manager for Caesarstone, manufacturer of luxury, engineered quartz surfaces.

As kitchens continue to merge with the living areas in our homes, materials, design and technology are contributing to the creation of a new, second kitchen in many luxury house designs.

Together with Plascon, Caesarstone is the new co-headline sponsor of Decorex South Africa, and will be showcasing their newest engineered surfaces at the 2015 Decorex SA exhibitions.

Lisa says the continued integration of kitchen and living areas means it has become increasingly practical to create not just a separate scullery but also a second kitchen altogether, when designing a new home.

“Our lifestyles have changed dramatically in recent years: Preparing a meal is now an essential part of every social occasion; the kitchen is a family meeting place as well a comfortable zone to check your emails. “

“The purpose of the kitchen spaces are also changing: You may very well find the same kitchen shelves holding children’s books, music players, as well as cups and coffee pods.”

She explained that this lifestyle kitchen was necessitating the creation of a “back” kitchen – a working space much larger than the scullery of old.

Caesarstone recently awarded South Africa’s top kitchen designers at an event in Cape Town. The winners were Beth Gillitt in the Luxury category and Kim Hensen in the Comfort category – both from Kitchen Classics in Durban.

Kim said that as families’ entertainment habits evolved, and with increasing access to gadgets and technology – mini kitchens around the house were also becoming part of new high-end home designs.

Appliances such as popcorn machines, mini-fridges, coffee machines and smoothie makers no longer lived in the main kitchen alone – hence the rise of the mini-kitchen.

“If you’re having coffee on the balcony of your bedroom, you don’t want to have to go all the way down to your kitchen to make it, if you can have a coffee machine upstairs,” she said.

“We are all spending a lot more time at home these days and our homes are getting bigger – thus the lifestyle changes that are necessitating kitchen-type spaces in various places.”

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Other kitchen trends the Caesarstone team has identified are:

Lighting is a vital part of kitchen design, particularly hidden lighting enabling the user to see into dark draws and recesses.

Continuous surfaces. Where possible, contemporary kitchens are boasting surfaces and features in one continuous piece.

No handles. The super-sleek cupboard door, which opens with a push mechanism, is the kitchen must-have right now.

The new neutrals. Dark colours are complemented by light neutrals like ivory, bone, taupe and grey.

Wooden finishes. Natural textures like wood are being used together with engineered working surfaces to create a homely look.

Colour accents. For the trendier cook, accent colours yellow, orange and red are kitchen favourites.

Golden glow. Metallics are huge in décor right now and the kitchen’s no different.

* Caesarstone is co-headline sponsor of Decorex SA together with longstanding partner Plascon and will be showcasing the latest in kitchen design and surface trends at Decorex Durban, Cape Town and Joburg in 2015.

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Decorex Cape Town: 24 – 27 April 2015

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Decorex Joburg: 6 – 10 August 2015

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