SupaSet, a remarkable ready-to-use product for quickly setting poles in position has been launched by Lafarge South Africa, the local presence of the international Lafarge Group, the world leader in building materials. A first of its kind in our market, SupaSet takes only 10-15 minutes to set compared with up to 2 days for a conventional concrete mix. SupaSet complements the company’s wide range of innovative, designed-for-purpose products, which are contributing to the company’s vision of helping to build better cities with more desirable environments for all our people.

SupaSet is an essential product for DIY enthusiasts and small contractors involved in erecting poles (wooden, concrete, metal or plastic), whenever and wherever there is a need for a rapid, reliable method of setting poles in the ground. Typical applications include small to medium size gateposts; decking poles; rotary washing lines; signposts; carports and lapas; domestic, farm or general fencing; advertising boards, and crash barriers.

The unique formulation of SupaSet is an example of how Lafarge South Africa focuses on understanding the needs of its customers and applying its unparalleled technical strength to provide user-friendly, quality solutions. Solutions that contribute to the elimination of some traditional building steps, promoting faster working, enhanced productivity and cost optimisation. Apart from the speed, why buy all the ingredients for a traditional mix and waste most of them, when there is the convenience of SupaSet?

SupaSet is available from major building material and hardware stores in 25kg bags, or in 2 ton palletised loads of 25kg paper bags from Lafarge’s Kaalfontein Depot in Gauteng or the company’s Lichtenburg Cement Works in the North West Province. The product offers users, even homeowners without any previous experience, convenience and zero wastage. Formulated to have a remarkably high rate of early strength development, SupaSet maximises productivity on pole installation work.

Using SupaSet is extremely easy. Manual mixing and the use of concrete mixers are specifically excluded. After digging a hole of the correct depth and width for the size of pole, the pole is inserted and the hole filled between one third and half-full with water. SupaSet is then spread evenly around the pole to completely cover the surface of the water. More water is sprinkled evenly on top of the powder. The pole must be immediately adjusted to ensure it is vertical and at the required height, because of the fast setting time.

Case study: SupaSet a winner in KZN

Ethekwini Fencing had secured contracts to fence various rural schools throughout KwaZulu-Natal. After seeing a demonstration of the innovative SupaSet Lafarge product, owner Ronnie Moonegha was so impressed by its high speed performance that he immediately ordered a truck load.


With the extremely positive impact SupaSet has had on the success of his company, Moonegha is an enthusiastic ambassador for the product and Ethekwini Fencing has been appointed as a distributor of SupaSet to the KZN market.

“We have designed SupaSet to be exceptionally easy for DIY and small contractors to use. In addition, while maximising convenience, it virtually eliminates costly wastage,” comments Lafarge South Africa’s Maria Sazeides, National Sales and Marketing Manager. “On-site manual mixing of a traditional concrete mix, is associated with wastage of surplus ingredients and made-up mix, contamination and variable results. We are delighted to see customers enjoying the rapid consistent results and cost-effectiveness benefits that SupaSet can provide.”

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