LED street lighting, the most economical solution for Ndwedwe

When new street lighting was required by the community in Ndwedwe, which is close to Stanger in KwaZulu-Natal, the predominant requirement was long-term cost efficiency.


Mr A J Chand Pr. Eng., a director at PD Naidoo & Associates, Johannesburg, compared the efficiencies of various technologies and suppliers before the renowned BEKA solution was chosen, since it offered the most economical cost per km of road lighting solution, if assessed over a 5 year period.


A quantity of 131 BEKA AMBAR-3 LED 40W provide B1 and A4 lighting levels and generate the pleasant lighting a professional LED street light installation offers. An appealing neutral white colour, coupled with glare-controlled optics, now illuminates the streets of Ndwedwe, providing the safety and security this community desires.


This energy-efficient and low maintenance solution is benefiting the client and the community since, at 1.6kW/km of energy, coupled with LED lifetimes of up to 60.000 hours, the most long-term cost-efficient solution has been chosen.


BEKA’s locally manufactured LED streetlights and exterior luminaires all feature the important thermal feedback concept, which protects the luminaire against overheating, as can occur if the luminaire is accidentally left burning throughout the day.


The optical system, which has been specially designed for the requirements of SANS 10098 (Lighting of Public Thoroughfares), makes the utilization of the generated LED light particularly efficient.


The aluminium housing of the luminaire is manufactured of LM6, the most corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy available.


LEDs are easily dimmable in order to adapt to the requirements of the traffic patterns, and is as such the only contemporary light source to reliably provide long-term savings.


For further information contact Colleen Luh, at luhc@beka.co.za.

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