Legrand’s Arteor lighting controls

Legrand’s range of Arteor wiring devices includes complete solutions for modern lighting management.


These energy efficient lighting controls, with the latest electronic technology and stylish designs, enhance aesthetics and offer various functions in offices, commercial and residential environments.


The versatility of the Arteor range enables users to create their own lighting scenarios, whether it is low illumination, bright lighting, or a cinema setting. Motion sensitive and automatic switches, as well as a new generation of dimmers, have not only been designed for elegance and flexibility, but also for enhanced energy efficiency.


The touch dimmers range from a conventional unit, to sophisticated devices for complicated applications or installations. These dimmers are available as stand-alone 240v units, radio technology or BUS technology. They are able to control traditional loads, like incandescent and halogen lamps, as well as leading or trailing edge transformers. It is also possible to control some types of LED or compact flourescent loads. Status indication on the device is provided by LEDs.


All mechanical control devices are available in round or square rocker mechanisms, in a white or magnesium finish. The cover plate finishes it off, with a choice of 17 different finishes such as tattoo, mirror white, stainless steel and woven metal. Universal icons ensure easy recognition and instinctive hand-eye control.


Devices for automatic or adaptable control of lighting in offices include skirting lights with a built-in detector, automatic switches and a lighting environment controller. The installation is enhanced by adding systems like access control, video, audio and data outlets, at the same time maintaining enhanced aesthetics.


Legrand’s Light Mood manager, which consists of four programmable scenarios and a dimming function, is designed to create a specific lighting environment for every occasion – for conferences, video or slide projections and meetings. This facility controls three lighting circuits and can also control Dali input ballasts and 0-10 V ballasts.


Numerous lighting functions have been designed for the residential environment, combining sophisticated technological developments and stylish aesthetics.


Key products in the range are sensitive switches and touch plates, where switching, dimming or control of scenarios can be performed. The 1.2’’ touch screen is able to control scenarios or distributed audio, while the 3.5’’ touch screen is used for hand-eye control of the entire electrical system, which includes lighting, roller shutter or blinds, temperature and sound distribution.


The 10’’ multimedia touch screen has the same intuitive functions and navigation systems as the 3.5’’ touch screen. It covers all the smart systems for the home- switching lights on and off, plus the dimmer function, controlling roller shutter or blinds, centralised temperature control, with supervision by zone.


Legrand also focuses on specific lighting functions necessary for hotels. Bedside lamps and the main room lighting, as well as the opening and closing of blinds or curtains can be controlled simultaneously.


The Arteor range is compatible with South African socket and flush-mounting box standards. For more information, visit www.legrand.co.za

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