Local green building conference shared international best practices secrets

The Green Building Conference and Exhibition returned to Sandton Convention Centre, Gauteng, on 13 and 14 of July 2011, and will provide a powerful mix of international and local content for built-environment professionals and stakeholders.

Delegates to this year’s Green Building Conference can look forward to insights and lessons learnt during the development and implementation of Saudi Arabia’s award winning King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). KAUST is a large scale sustainable development project that has been integrated into the design of the entire community; the self-contained campus is operated in such a way as to preserve the environment and conserve resources. The total area spans more than 36 million m2 (nearly 9,000 acres). The University’s rooftop solar power plant features 4,134 m2 (one acre) of solar thermal panels for hot water production and 16,567 m2 (four acres) of photovoltaic arrays which produce around 4 megawatts of energy annually. The KAUST campus and community also utilizes alternative transportation methods to reduce the community’s carbon footprint by featuring 100 electric vehicles and charging stations, a campus-wide bus system, and a bicycle sharing program.

Every year, green building becomes more entrenched in conventional architecture, engineering and design, and this conference aims to offer insights into practical solutions for professionals and decision-makers by showcasing real case studies, discussing return on investment projects, and using examples that are applicable in the local context.

Lloyd Macfarlane, Chief Executive Officer at Alive2Green, says “We are delighted to have secured world renowned designers and experts who will accompany South Africa’s own leaders in sustainable construction in a new extended plenary format. Delegates will have the opportunity to attend 1 of 3 real-time green building design charrettes on day 2 – a collaborative session in which a group of design professionals and experts practically tackle the mechanics of a green building.”

Two of the leading international speakers who are set to address the conference, are Colin Rohlfing, Sustainable Design Director for projects within the Northern Central Region of HOK, and Megan Holder, Associate and Landscape Designer with HOK. Both Rohlfing and Holder have been extensively involved in the green building development of KAUST.

For full details of the conference, including a proposed programme of events, please visit www.greenbuilding.co.za or for any enquiries call 021 447 4733 / email info@greenbuilding.co.za.


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