From foundations to countertops and everything in between, Métier Mixed Concrete can tailor-make to your specifications using a variety of aggregates and pigments.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness” – Frank Gehry

With a trend towards customisation and sophistication, Métier Mixed Concrete is pushing the boundaries of architecture and design. Our customers want to tell a story through their space, allowing us to customise technical beauty through their personal selection. Seafoam, cobalt and plum, colours not usually associated with concrete, form part of our range and demonstrate that we don’t just do the grey stuff. We’re everywhere in your home.

We have specialists in the field of concrete design who focus on ensuring that Métier remains on the cutting edge of concrete technology, producing a wide variety of products for various applications, with a range of strengths.

This includes our Decorative Concrete range with product offerings that extend to our DECO, Executive and Ocean ranges, which are inspired by raw materials from the earth and sea, salt and sand. These ranges create extensions of these elements effortlessly in any space. From foundations to countertops and everything in between, we can tailor-make to you and your customer’s recommendations and specifications, using a variety of aggregates and pigments. For other applications, such as a textured finishes and thin applications, our exposed and screed alternatives are available respectively.

Some of the many benefits include energy efficiency for green-star-rated buildings and environments, stain resistance, low maintenance and affordability. All our raw materials are locally sourced and all products are produced to meet SANS specifications.

Métier Mixed Concrete is well positioned as a market leader and will remain at the forefront in terms of ready-mix concrete technology and innovation. With 15 state-of-the-art fully automated plants across KZN and Gauteng, our product range is optimised by innovative research and development. The company lives up to its brand maxim of ‘Service, Quality and Reliability’, and continues to offer value-added partnerships with our clients.

We guarantee that every decorative concrete pour and design will be uniquely yours. Let us partner with you to create your point of difference.”


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