Miele’s stylish new coffee machines

Miele Miele2 Miele3.highresMiele’s two new free-standing, automatic, bean-to-cup Barista coffee machines – the CM6110 and the CM6310 – are real beauties, and certain to perform as well as all Miele appliances do.

From this month to December 2014, Miele is running a Christmas promotion on all CM6 models – if you purchase any CM6 model, you will receive a free Miele toy coffee machine that offers a variety of realistic functions. The toy version produces convincing sounds similar to the real thing, it boasts a functioning water tank for dispensing water, and it comes with its own espresso cup. Of course, there is no heating, so it is entirely safe for children of all ages to play with it.

These new CM6 countertop coffee machines are able to prepare espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and now ristretto at the touch of a single button. They are also extremely easy to clean. The new models boast a multitude of desirable, state-of-the-art features, which include:

The One Touch for Two feature: This simultaneously delivers two cups of a given type of coffee by simply pressing one button.

The AromaticSystem: In order to extract the entire goodness out of coffee beans, Miele has equipped the new models with its tried-and-tested dynamic brew unit – the AromaticSystem. The chamber at the heart of this feature expands as water enters, allowing greater space in which ground coffee and water can blend, resulting in a more intensive aroma.

Customisable Preferences: You can change everything about the coffee to suit your particular taste – from the coarseness of the coffee grinding and water temperature, to how much espresso, milk and froth is added to each drink – and then save all your favourite settings. If there are several coffee connoisseurs in the family, you can fully customise your preferences, such as pre-brewing, grind quantity, temperature and delivered quantity. These preferences can be saved in up to 4 different user profiles for each beverage.

Built-in Cappuccinatore: Rather than having to froth milk in a jug yourself, all you need to do is to simply drop a hose into a milk container and press a button for instant cappuccinos.

Simple functionality: Use of the new coffee makers is self-explanatory as each type of drink has its own symbol on the control panel. To deliver double the quantity, simply press the relevant button a second time. Other settings, such as the pre-brew option, the fineness of the grind, ground quantity and the temperature can be changed individually at all times.

Height-adjustable central spout: The central spout adjusts easily to the height of the cup below. Adjustments range from 8cm to 14cm, from an espresso to a latte macchiato glass, ensuring that it can accommodate virtually any coffee cup size.

Timer functions: Coffee when you want it – you can programme any CM6 coffee machine to switch-on and switch-off whenever you require. This means that you can wake up to a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

Eco Mode: A true energy-saving feature, in Eco Mode, the CM6 coffee machine only heats up automatically just before the preparation process starts.

System lock: Safety first – this function prevents unintentional operation, for example by children, ensuring that they can’t burn or scald themselves by accidentally or unwittingly turning the coffee machine on.

DirectSensor TFT controls: All functions are presented in a high-quality, razor-sharp TFT display using white characters on a black background. Miele has given the name DirectSensor to this type of user interface, which perfectly matches the fascia’s on all the Generation 6000 range of integrated appliances in form and function.

Easy cleaning: Cleaning is always a big issue when it comes to the various types of coffee makers, particularly with regards to the milk residue that is left in the pipework. The Cappuccinatore are automatically rinsed whenever the machine is switched off. This feature can also be selected manually: simply disconnect the tube from the milk flask and slip the end into the drip tray. The tube is first rinsed with water and then flushed with steam to sterilise it.

Removable brew unit: The brew unit is fully removable for easy cleaning. The drip tray and the coffee grounds container are both dishwasher-proof.

Ground coffee chute: Fast and to your taste – with the built-in and easy accessible ground coffee chute, there’s no need to replace beans for a second type of coffee, such as a cup of decaffeinated coffee for example.

Available in black and white: The Miele CM6110 countertop coffee maker is available in Lotus White, while the Miele CM6310 countertop coffee maker is available in Obsidian Black.

Built to last for 20 years: Miele produces products that are of the highest standards in terms of quality materials and craftsmanship, durability and reliability. All Miele appliances, including the CM6 coffee machines, must endure a 10 000-hour endurance test, which equates to a lifespan of 20 years in order to proudly carry the Miele name.

The high-end model – the CM6310 – has the following additional features:

  • Stainless-steel milk flask included: It comes with an insulated milk flask that keeps milk cool for up to 12 hours, so you won’t have to keep topping it up throughout the day.
  • Button and cup lighting: The control on the machine light up and there is a light that illuminates the cup as well, for easy functionality and unobtrusive operation.
  • Cup heating: The cup heating rack on this model keeps cups warm prior to serving coffee, stopping your drinks from going cold too quickly, and even has a timer so that you can get the cups warmed up before you come downstairs in the morning.
  • Hot water delivery: No need to boil a kettle every time you need boiling water – your CM6310 can deliver it to you directly, for the perfect cup of tea or Rooibos.
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