Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners installation at Standard Bank Grayston Drive, Sandton

Herman and Associates were appointed by one of South Africa’s leading Banking Institutions, Standard Bank to design and install an engineer air- conditioning system.  The Standard Bank building is situated in Sandton on Grayston drive.  The brief that Herman and Associates received from Standard Bank outlined the importance of having a new air-conditioning system installed, that would also ensure energy efficiency.

With getting the job done, Herman and Associates chose the Mitsubishi City Multi R2 Heat recovery system as they sought to find the right air-conditioning equipment to carry out the task at hand.  The Multi City system is a sub-brand to the Mitsubishi Electric family of air-conditioning equipment.  Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioners (MSA) have positioned themselves as a world class brand by introducing the City Multi product.

The design of the building itself, is usually what determines the air-conditioning needs of that particular building.  With the Standard Bank building – early in the morning, the sun warms the building (as it rises from the East), meaning that the buildings occupants would require a cooling system on that one end.  The occupants on the colder, west side of the building would then require a heating system.   What the Multi City System does is that it absorbs heat from where the sun rises and transfers it to the colder (west) side of the building.  This process then interchanges in the afternoon when the west side of the building becomes hotter and requires cooling and the east side requires heating.   The main feature of the product is its high energy saving capability, consuming up to 40% less electrical energy.  This efficiency is achieved using inverter technology throughout the system combined with simultaneous heat recovery.

Marco Ferdinandi from Mitsubishi Air Conditioning said:” We consider our products (Multi City system included) an investment because of the many benefits that we offer which meet and exceed client expectations.  The Multi City system is one that offers energy efficiency and saves costs, which in today’s world is among the most sought-after benefits when buying and installing products and equipment such as air-conditioners”.

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