Nedbank Menlyn Maine Falcon Building receives 4 star Green Star rating

The Nedbank Menlyn Maine Falcon Building will be the new regional head office for Nedbank and has recently been awarded a 4 star Green Star rating .The Menlyn Maine precinct is a mixed use development and stands out as a green node in South Africa.

Mathieu du Plooy, MD of WSP Africa: “We are proud of achieving yet another certification for Nedbank. This is the third 4 star certified building we have delivered for Nedbank. This further supports our leadership in sustainability and green star certification.”

This Green Star rating signifies that this development has adhered to the strict environmental guidelines in all aspects of the design and construction. These include:

Indoor environment quality

The fresh air intake in the building is 150% more than required by SANS 10400-O

The building is designed for daylight penetration, with at least 30% of the office areas having a Daylight Factor of 2%. The façade design will minimise discomfort of glare through the use of fixed shading devices for a majority of the working hours, with high frequency ballasts installed in fluorescent luminaries in the office area.  Material with reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) will be used for the office interior paint, adhesives and sealants to meet maximum Green Star South Africa Office v1 nominated levels. The composite wood products will have reduced formaldehyde levels. The building is non-smoking, with no designated smoking areas inside.


The HVAC system consists of four pipe fan coil units for heating and cooling with thermal ice storage achieving 45% energy improvement over the SANS204 notional building. There is energy sub metering for energy uses of 100kVA and greater, and separate meters  for metering lighting and small power on each floor.

The lighting achieves an energy use of 1.76 W/m² per 100 Lux and the lighting design will allow for flexible light switching. The lighting zones are designed in a way not to exceed 100m2 in offices.  Motion sensors and daylight sensors will be installed



5% of the parking bays are dedicated to fuel efficient vehicles such as car share and carpool vehicles and another 5% for mopeds, scooters and motorbikes in order to promote fuel-efficient transport options. Provision for bicycle racks, shower and changing facilities will be made for the building occupants and visitors.

The building is strategically located to promote the use of public transport, including the BRT system, Gautrain, metro busses and taxis.

Water efficiency

The water fixtures and fittings installed adhere to efficiency standards – saving significantly on water consumption. Rainwater will be collected for reuse within the building for all non-potable water requirements.

Materials used

A dedicated storage area will be provided for the separation and collection of paper, glass, plastics, metals, used compact fluorescent light bulbs and other materials by all the building occupants.  The steel used in the building will have a minimum of 60% post-consumer recycled content – with concrete bearing a minimum fly-ash content of 30%. PVC usage has been reduced and replaced with other materials like HDPE, for the storm water and plumbing installations.


All Refrigerants, gaseous fire suppressants and the thermal insulations will all have an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of zero. The development does not increase peak storm water flows for rainfall events of up to a 1-in-2 year storm, while all storm water is filtered and treated.

WSP Group is the Structural Engineers and Sustainable Design Consultants for the project.

For more information contact Annemie Cowley on 011 300 6095 or email her on

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