It has been 10 years since Neolith, the pioneering brand of sintered stone, disrupted the market to become a major player on the global architectural surfacing scene.

Neolith has been used in a variety of prestigious projects, from glitzy celebrity residences and multi-Michelin-starred restaurants to soaring skyscrapers and grand stadia.

Last year marked a significant milestone for Neolith®, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the pioneering brand of Sintered Stone.

The brainchild of the forward-thinking and hugely creative Esteve Brothers, Neolith has grown spectacularly since its launch a decade ago. The brothers’ intelligent and bold move to bring Sintered Stone to market during the global recession and real estate crash was a courageous one.

However, this strategic and shrewd decision to launch a brand-new surfacing category captured the imagination of the architecture and design community at a crossroads – a time when sustainable materials were just starting to make an impact in the mainstream.

Significantly, Neolith’s launch allowed specifiers to apply beautiful surfaces that stand the test of time. It was a game changer and the start of an epic tale, which is still in its early stages.

Since its commercial debut, the slabs have been used in a variety of prestigious projects, from glitzy celebrity residences and multi-Michelin-starred restaurants to soaring skyscrapers and grand stadia. It’s made its mark as a multi-faceted material with an individual character and aesthetic.

On this milestone anniversary of its foundation, Neolith celebrates its 10th birthday and recognises all those many aspects of the brand that make it such a special, unique proposition. This ranges from the use of high-quality materials and proprietary technology, which makes Neolith one of the most sustainable surfaces available, through to the exceptionally talented people who produce the stone day in, day out.

Now, with a turnover of over €120m (about R2bn), Neolith wants to tell the remarkable story of how, from modest beginnings, it disrupted the hewn natural stone market to become a major player on the global architectural surfacing scene.


From one production line to four in only 10 years, Neolith has consistently invested in its manufacturing services and capabilities. Its strong supply chain, range of beautiful surfaces and flawless finishes are evidence of this.

Since its inception, Neolith has built a business with a presence across five continents, with distributors and showrooms across numerous countries. In the last five years alone, the brand has opened dedicated showrooms in major destinations such as New York, London, Tokyo, Madrid and Milan, with another launching in Amsterdam next month.

Furthermore, to offer clients an unrivalled service, Neolith has tactically implemented direct distribution in key target territories. The move demonstrably cements supply chains, strengthens relationships and ensures Neolith is readily available for any project.


Not only is Neolith 100% natural and resin-free, so that it does not release any harmful substances into the environment, but it is also fully recyclable. In addition, up to 52% of Neolith board is comprised of recycled raw materials. Neolith has, however, observed a growing environmental awareness among designers, which has led to them innovative new products that contribute to sustainable construction and environmental conservation. A revolutionary treatment for its facade line, Pureti, for example, has a photocatalytic, self-cleaning and decontaminating effect, which means that it actively improves air quality around it. Another development, HYDRO-NDD 2.0, is a water-based decoration technique that greatly reduces the contaminating emissions sent into the environment from traditional printing method. It won bronze in the prestigious 2019 Edison Awards.


It’s an exciting time for Neolith, with a new generation focused on innovation and equipped with a set plan for the future at the helm of the company. Continuing to develop and grow, but equally embracing and delivering according to the brand’s founding principles, it listens to customers to meet their various, bespoke needs.

As Neolith Director Mar Esteve Cortes says, “Ten years in business is a significant milestone for any company, especially in the competitive market of building and construction materials. It’s been a steep learning curve for us throughout the years. As a pioneer, you always have to keep on your toes and maintain your competitive edge.”

She continues, “With these years of experience – including my father and uncle’s many years previously in the stone industry – we continue to offer an unrivalled surfacing solution coupled with intuitive and personalised service. I’m so proud of everyone we work with, past and present. We base our success on a constant desire to learn and improve every aspect of what we do. I cannot wait to celebrate the next 10, 20, 30… even 100 years in business, announcing one positive period of growth on to the next!”

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