New MSEA software feature from Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls Systems & Service Metasys Building Management System (BMS) user experience has taken another leap forward with a new, industry-leading graphical display capability. The new Graphics+ feature provides an intuitive way to interact with your facility by dynamically highlighting the information that requires immediate attention, and providing multiple layers of meaningful facility data in an uncluttered, focused visual display.


Data is presented using values, colours, and dynamic motion to represent current activity in the facility, and to quickly and easily indicate potential problems. Navigation from a high level view of the facility to increasing levels of detail is just a click away. Commanding equipment to new states or changing set points is also simplified for the authorised users.


Commanding objects from graphics is also available to validate sites that use the Metasys for Validated Environments (MVE), extended architecture software featuring electronic signature with required annotation.


Graphics+ graphics are integrated with the Site Management Portal, the System Configuration Tool (SCT), and the Ready Access Portal on client computers that have installed Microsoft Silverlight plug-in technology. This new offering includes the Graphic Generation Tool (GGT), a software application that can be installed on a computer with the Metasys system or on a stand-alone computer.


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