A new way of thinking

The advent of light steel frame building in South Africa is one of the most exciting developments in recent times in the steel and building industries. SASFA, the Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association, a division of the SAISC, the Southern African Institute for Steel Construction, was officially launched on October 18, 2006 to […]

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Bucking the trend

The light steel frame building sector is bucking the recession trend with a growth forecast of 10% for the 2009 calendar year Compared with a 17% decline in the real value of residential buildings completed in the major municipal areas in South Africa during the first half of 2009, this forecast reflects a growing preference […]

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Quality not quantity

Interior lighting is eventually starting to get the attention that it deserves – the recent trends, focussing on occupancy sensors and lighting for the workplace – are testament to this. The link between light and human health is embedded in our molecular make-up. Lighting levels determine our body clock, affecting the biochemical, physiological and behavioural […]

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Investing in comfort

With offices continually moving away from the dour, staid atmospheres of yesteryear, Leading Architecture & Design approaches the leading manufacturers from across the country to find out what they believe are the latest and greatest trends in office interiors. Q In your experience, what is the latest trend that you have seen emerging in office […]

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Experimenting with colour

We live surrounded by colours, shades and light and sometimes we don’t even notice how it influences our mood. Yet designers have to notice this science and apply it for the benefit of their clients. Leading Architecture & Design quizzed paint suppliers about the latest trends in colour and found out that grey, purple and […]

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The diversity of water

Landscape architecture is a rich and complex discipline. As well as being capable of creating architectural forms and structures from natural elements, it also employs the almost infinite range and diversity of nature. And water has a unique position among the natural elements. The relationship that humans have with water is complex, ambivalent and ever […]

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Creating a total interior environment

In this day and age it is becoming harder and harder to entertain and service clientele – new ways of keeping clients entertained and serviced need to be developed, especially in the retail sector The retail industry is ever changing and businesses within that industry must always be advanced in their thinking and in their […]

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A movement towards aesthetics

Retaining walls, structures that hold back or ‘retain’ lateral faces of dirt, water, or other materials, are often used to prevent erosion or collapse of higher level ground onto buildings, structures or general areas. But is enough known about them in the industry? “Ever since the introduction of the Concrete Retaining Blocks in South Africa […]

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Energy efficiency tops roofing trends

A roof is an enormous asset to a commercial office building, and with routine maintenance it can prove to be a long term investment. With the rising costs of energy property owners and architects are in search of more energy efficient roofing systems. With green building no longer a niche market and countless materials competing […]

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Covering all the bases

How has roofing reacted to the green architecture drive and what challenges is the roofing industry currently facing? Leading Architecture & Design posed these questions to the industry. One of the biggest challenges currently facing the roofing industry is the absence of pride and the ‘no care’ attitude of the building industry as a whole,” […]

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