Wood as architecture

Wood stirs our appreciation for the architectural potential of the most ancient of building materials. Wood is warm. Wood is fragrant. Wood tells a story Wood is used in a multitude of ways, both as an architectural element and a design feature. Wooden floors compliment almost any setting. Innovative opportunities in structural use and surface […]

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Natural goodness

The inherent warmth in wood has seen the material continue to enjoy immense popularity in the design world. From the latest in furniture and wooden flooring to kitchen counter tops and decorative embellishments, wood or wood products can be found in almost every space Q Why do you believe wood is so popular in interior […]

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The Best of Steel

The Steel Awards, held in September at the Vodadome in Midrand and simultaneously at the Sun Coast Casino in Durban, was hosted by the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) with DSE Structural Engineers and Contractors (DSE) the main sponsor.

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Drive by shooting: Observations of a Wild West Town & Billboard Architecture

It is difficult trying to encourage good architecture in a cultural wasteland, but covering up with movie sets is not helping. The Russians may not have the best cuisine in the world but they have great names. Grigori Alexandrovich Potemkin-Tavricheski or for those of us in the know, Григорий Александрович Потёмкин, was a Russian general […]

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Architecture – a Profession Under Attack

Schalk van der Merwe, one of the directors of Prism Architects based in Johannesburg and Polokwane, has his say. Architecture, a registered profession, has successfully allowed external factors to bring the profession under attack – once again! We have allowed space planners, branding agents, project managers and, to a lesser extent, developers to perform part […]

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A Call to Arms

Sarah Calburn of Sarah Calburn Architects has her say. I consider architecture an art, a complex technical and cultural and philosophical spatial language. However, when you look around at how it is making – or un-making – the landscape of our South African cities and suburbs, you can see that it has mostly fallen foul […]

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Symbiosis and Architecture

Pierre Lahaye of MDS Architecture explains his view of symbiosis and architecture. It is fair to say that society’s interests have changed with the passing of time. This phenomenon is especially true of the South African situation with its diverse cultures and turbulent history. Symbiosis is defined as an interaction between two different organisms living […]

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The Cavemen and Architecture

Phil Roös of Roös Klawansky Associates has his say. Looking around at the dwellings built by our complex human beings, I sometimes wonder what happened with our own habitat. For those of you who wonder what I am getting at, perhaps a short reminder of the definition of habitat will help: “Habitat is the natural […]

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In Blog we Trust

Liam Mooney, Cape Town furniture designer one of the founders of the Whatiftheworld / Design Studio, has his say. I’m an avid reader of design blogs. In fact, checking the handful of blogs that I read daily is one of the first things I do when I switch on my computer in the mornings. There […]

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Can design help the economic crisis?

Professor Des Laubscher, CEO of the Greenside Design Center has his say. It is said that a recession is good for design because it stimulates true originality and innovation. How can design be leveraged to help overcome the current economic crisis? I don’t think we realise as designers the power of design thinking and how […]

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