Up in the air

Air-conditioning has, along with lighting, probably been the most talked about topic when it comes to energy-efficient design. This issue, the country’s top suppliers and manufacturers have their say. Q Has the increase in ‘green’ buildings impacted on the air-conditioning market in any way? Deon Coetzee, Johnson Controls: Most, if not all buildings, start off […]

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A sophisticated choice

In this article we focus on the benefits which aluminium and glass offer architects. From a maintenance point of view as well as in considerations of practicality, we find out why more and more architects are including glass and aluminium in their upcoming designs. Q Which primary attributes of glass and aluminium make them a […]

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Practical, yet luxurious

The bathroom, unlike many other rooms in the home or commercial environment, is capable of withstanding a few glamourous touches. Plasma televisions in the bathroom, fireplaces, telephones… what were once the domain of bedrooms and living rooms are now finding their way into the modern bathroom. This issue Leading Architecture & Design spoke to the […]

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Well suited to the demands

Leading Architecture & Design approached the countries leading brick and paving manufacturers for their views on the role that their products will play ahead of the 2010 World Cup. Q With the 2010 World Cup fast approaching, what role will paving play in the routing of traffic, both vehicular and on foot? Cathy De Dominicis, […]

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BIM – making an impact

Architectural software is evolving rapidly from an ‘automator’ of two-dimensional drafting to a three-dimensional building simulator. The architect is becoming the creator of the virtual building as well as its caretaker, and BIM, building information modelling, is leading this revolution. “The benefits of BIM are clear,” says Mark Patterson of Modena Design Centres. “Productivity improves […]

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The versatility of precast concrete

The role of the South African precast concrete industry continues to gain in scope and significance, a fact for which there is ample evidence in this year’s CMA Awards for Excellence competition. In this precursor to the awards, Leading Architecture showcases some of the favourites for top honours. Whatever the application, the 12th CMA Awards […]

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Building the World Cup

With the 2010 Football World Cup just a year away, this issue of Leading Architecture is dedicated to the creation of the 10 stadiums in which this mammoth tournament will be played. And in the construction of the stadiums, cement and concrete cannot be ignored. From the facade of the iconic SoccerCity which is clad […]

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A holistic approach

Willem Steenkamp of the University of the Free State scooped the prestigious Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year Award for 2008 with his entry entitled ‘Creating a memorable place for the Herero culture’ Steenkamp was selected from a group of seven regional finalists at a function held at the Wanderer’s Club in March 2009. As […]

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The first barrier

Those in the door industry pride themselves on designing innovative solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of the places that architects design and build, but how are doors designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and impenetrable? “Doors are one of the first security barriers you face and if installed correctly and with the correct ironmongery […]

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The ins and outs of buildings

The entrances and exits of a building are much more than just edifices for people to get in and out of a particular structure, they also guide people in a certain direction, aid in emergency exit strategies, act as security devices and keep the elements out and the artificial atmosphere in. Before a building’s design […]

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