Planting the Seed


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When it comes to pots for outdoor plants, the South African market has long since been limited to only two choices: faux-Italian terracotta style or the glazed traditional Oriental option. Design entrepreneur Peter van der Post spotted this gap and has very quickly filled it with a vast array of stylish and contemporary designer options, under the label Indigenus. Inspired by his experience running sister company Yin Design – a company specialising in high-end planters for the corporate and commercial industries – Peter approached a series of award-winning local designers to custom design and make their own ranges for Indigenus. His aim? To create a top global brand with local roots that bridges the divide between interior design and landscape architecture.

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Indigenus launched this year by presenting its first set of designs by award-winning designers, including Laurie Wiid van Heerden of Wiid Designs (above), Gregor Jenkin and Haldane Martin. Laurie’s range, illustrated above and below, uses a mixed-materials approach and experiments with scale, featuring dramatically oversized examples.

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Well-known local furniture designer Haldane Martin, pictured below, designed a sleek timber range of elegant planters in a variety of contemporary shapes and sizes.

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Finally, designer Gregor Jenkin illustrates his commitment to quality engineering and minimalist execution in his super-slick series of Hancock planters, pictured below.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.34.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.34.12 PM Hancock Detail with Flowerslowres

In 2015 the Indigenus range will expand to include distinctive creations by renowned architects Stefan Antoni and Greg Truen of SAOTA as well as a range by designer Philippa Thorne of Gone Rural. All Indigenus products embody a functional, multipurpose approach, and are designed to be equally suitable for both indoors and out. All planters are built from natural, locally-sourced materials and are hand-crafted by master craftsman and artisans. ‘From a quality and longevity perspective,’ says Peter, ‘I am tired of artificial materials. Anything mass-produced is losing its lustre, and these are handmade; a person’s hand goes into making these things and this makes them more special.’

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