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Plascon Colour Forecast 2015A new year always brings with it a new batch of paint trends. Plascon Colour Manager Anne Roselt gives some insight into those trends that will be influencing the design world this year.

Plascon launched their 2015 Palette at Decorex Joburg in August last year and will be showcasing this colour forecast at Decorex Durban and Decorex Cape Town in 2015. The paint brand is once more the co-headline sponsor of Africa’s largest décor, design and lifestyle exhibition. Decorex SA Portfolio General Manager Sian Steyn chatted to Anne about the colour trends that lie ahead.

Sian: We continue to witness a back-to-basics approach in many aspects of the decor and design industries. Consumers are looking for simplicity, comfort and familiarity. How how are these concepts reflected in the use of colour?

Anne: We are finding that people are experiencing luxury and comfort in new ways that don’t necessarily involve opulence. It’s about honest design. This means that there is a renewed interest in hand-made, artisanal and customised design as well as a revived love of nature and natural elements, such as raw earthy wood and burnished metallics. This is all because of the emotional responses that these ideas create.

When it comes to paint and colour, this is translated into a palette of warm, familiar neutrals best described by our tailor-made trend forecast. We’re seeing deep colour on walls and wainscoting to create a rich backdrop for classic and comfortable furniture while neutral tones create a reassuring scheme for family spaces. Details of brass and gold add a luxurious but a much understated aspect to this trend.

The natural balance colour trend is also relevant here, where a curiosity for the cycle of life has inspired a more luxurious and dramatic take on the natural theme. Darker tones of organic greens and browns reflect the rugged forest floor and inspire interiors where walls, floors and ceilings are all immersed in deep colour. A combination of both matte and gloss finishes (taking cues from weather effects in nature) create surfaces with added intrigue.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2015

Sian: Innovation in fashion, science and technology are seeing a more playful and experimental approach to design, particularly in the field of electronics and clothing. Do you think this has influenced the way we are decorating our interiors?

Anne: Absolutely, there are feelings of new beginnings and positivity starting to emerge again and this is being expressed through colour – bright, bold and unhinged colour. People want to feel carefree and adventurous again. This is illustrated through a mix-and-match approach where colours that clash are celebrated: the wilder the better. We’ve named this trend vivid expression, because it’s exactly that. It’s a kind of fantastic, anything-goes approach. Experimental paint effects are also part of this trend: We’re seeing bold colour blocking, vivid brush marks and drip effects taking centre stage. Even the ombre trend is being revived.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2015

Sian: We touched on the idea of customisation earlier, where the consumer is becoming increasingly discerning. The “designer-customer” is looking for personalised products with character and personality that they connect with. For example, the footwear brand Havaianas is currently running a campaign that allows customers to choose the style, colour and pattern of their sandals. What has influenced this shift and what does it mean for colour?

Anne: I think part of this development is due to the changes happening in the urban environment. We live in these densely populated cities that are bursting with creativity, but there is also so much sameness, and so there is this desire and need to be original, to stand out from the crowd.

The urban glow trend is all about mystery and contemplation where colour is used as a tool that can transport you to anywhere or transform you into anyone. It’s an ethereal concept with an equally ethereal palette. Soft diffused hues and barely-there pastel tones reminiscent of sunrises and sunsets evoke an element of intrigue. There are, however, layers of sophistication and depth to this trend. The look is given a contemporary edge with painted geometric shapes, canvas blocks, and soft edged stripes, all of which inspire a new approach to colour blocking, bringing a playful twist to interiors. This colour story is one full of hope, exploring the progression of colour to create spaces with illusory aesthetics, allowing us to escape into another world.

We’re seeing an interesting contrast within the sphere of trends: Consumers are looking to feel more connected – to each other, to their environments and to their belongings – while also longing to experience some form of escapism.

Plascon Colour Forecast 2015

Together with Caesarstone, Plascon is the co-headline sponsor of Decorex South Africa and will be showcasing their newest products and their colour forecasts at all 2015 Decorex SA exhibitions: Decorex Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. You can get a copy of the Plascon 2015 Colour Forecast at your closest Plascon retailer or at Decorex Durban or Cape Town.

Decorex SA 2015 details:

Decorex Durban: 19 – 22 March 2015 Durban Exhibition Centre
Decorex Cape Town: 24 – 27 April 2015 Cape Town International Convention Centre Decorex Joburg: 6 – 10 August 2015 Gallagher Convention Centre

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Decorex Joburg forms part of the Decorex SA portfolio and is owned by the Thebe Reed Exhibitions.

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