Plaster Primer for a Greener Future

For a plaster primer that’s as friendly to the surfaces it protects, as it is to the environment, choose Ecosure. Not only does it comply with Green Star rating requirements, but it is also the only product on the market that can be applied directly to Rhinolite.  With its water-based and alkali resistant properties, Ecosure Plaster Primer primes all types of masonry surfaces from gypsum plaster, brick and concrete to cement and certain types of composition boarding.

“The Ecosure range forms part of our ‘Step Towards Greener’ approach to doing business, which in essence reflects our continuing commitment to sustainability. Ecosure’s Plaster Primer is no different and it exemplifies our pledge to reduce the ecological footprint of every aspect of our company, from sourcing raw materials to disposing of water. At Dulux Trade, we believe that effective sustainability practices equate to a corporate ethos of responsibility, and this we deliver through our ‘Step Towards Greener’ initiative and products like Ecosure Plaster Primer,” explains Marketing Manager for Dulux Trade, Frank Wagner.

Indeed, with its low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content which is in line with the European Union’s 2010 legislation, Ecosure Plaster Primer helps reduce low level ozone and photochemical smog and is also low in odour. Not only is it ideal for Rhinolite, but it is suitable for interior and exterior use and can be over-coated with both water and solvent based topcoats. Its easy clean-up properties make it entirely friendly to the environment, particularly when combined with the Dulux Trade Environmental Wash System.

The good news is that the Ecosure range features other products which are just as friendly to the environment. Comprising Ecosure Matt, Ecosure Silk, Ecosure Eggshell, Ecosure Undercoat and Ecosure Gloss, the entire range can be tinted using the Dulux Trade Colour System, to allow for flexibility when decorating while taking the earth into account. Ecosure Matt performs in a manner that

matches and exceeds equivalent matt emulsions and delivers favourable levels of opacity and coverage. While Ecosure Silk has been developed to deliver all of the advantages of water-based systems, achieving a professional silk finish. Ecosure Gloss and – Eggshell provide finishes and properties normally associated with solvent-based variants, while having the advantages of water-based systems.

As the only product on the market that can be applied directly to Rhinolite, the benefits of Ecosure Plaster Primer speak for themselves. And the entire Ecosure range’s contribution to Green Star ratings is simply a step towards our greener future.

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