Premier hotel turns to the sun for hot water

The 88 room Hatfield Manor Hotel has been revamped and renovated to become one of the premier destinations for diplomats and business travellers to the Pretoria area.  The Boulevard Group who owns the hotel, also used the opportunity to reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint. In addition the Boulevard Group is rebranding the Manor and making it part of the Protea Hotel Group.

The Boulevard Group commissioned commercial solar thermal specialist Selected Energy to design an energy efficient system that would deliver 150 liters of water at 55˚C to each room. “Hotels are subject to high hot water demand during peak hours. It was thus imperative for us that we supplied a sufficient volume to our guests whilst still being cost effective and environmentally sensitive,” says Victoria Mclachlan, General Manager of the Protea Hotel Manor.

To make optimal use of the The Protea Hotel Manor’s  existing infrastructure and keep the project costs low the Selected Energy team split the project into two mini projects. The first step was to connect those rooms accessible via service shafts to 21 Solahart KF 302 thermosiphon solar water heaters. Each of the Solahart units installed can deliver 300 litres of hot water. The Selected Energy team disconnected and removed the energy inefficient electric geysers that previously serviced these rooms. In doing so the team reduced the hot water demand by 50% and energy consumption by an estimated 80% per year.

The second part of the project was to prefeed the existing central boiler system that services those rooms not accessible via service shafts. Four Solahart KF302 solar water heaters are able to heat more than double the amount of hot water that the boiler can produce. This not only increases the heating capability but also adds almost 1200 litres of additional storage capacity.

The third project , still to be completed, will take solar energy from a collector bank and circulate it through an exchange system into 100literes of storage per room.

Commercial manager Chris Elliot stated that, an innovative approach to hot water supply starts with understanding the customer’s requirement and using the available energy resources at your disposal to gain the maximum savings and environmental benefits.

The hot water solution, in addition to the LED lighting, Bokashi organic waste management system and fair trade coffee, makes the Protea Hotel Manor one of the most environmentally friendly oriented hotels in Tshwane.

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