Retiring architect ready to design a new life chapter

After 42 years in the profession, architect Paul Gladulich is ready to start a new chapter in his life.

He has been with architecture firm Bentel Associates International (BAI) for 34 years – loyalty that’s almost unheard of today – where his main focus has been on retail architecture. Paul says what he loves most about retail architecture is that it focuses on people and their lifestyles. “What I will miss most is that moment when a development is finally finished and can see people’s excitement and optimistic reactions towards a project which you spent so many hours working on. The time, effort and hard work all becomes worthwhile when you know that the building means something positive to the people it will serve.” Paul says he’s had uncountable amounts of amazing moments throughout his career that he will continue to value.

Paul says he will never completely quit architecture. “I will miss the profession, but will never give up architecture completely. It’s part of me. It’s what I love and who I am. I can never get away from that.” He will continue to consult and looks forward to visiting conferences and other local and offshore events of architectural importance, while enjoying his freedom and trips abroad.

During his time with BAI, he undertook and completed numerous projects as Project Architect, including Village Walk, Ottery Hypermarket, Tableview Mall and many other retail developments.

In 2002, Paul assumed leadership of the team responsible for BAI’s longstanding Client, Pick ‘n Pay, and in this capacity completed a variety of projects. Paul’s participation has contributed to maintaining Pick ‘n Pay in the forefront of retail design. This participation has resulted in recent designs having been awarded major sustainability and design excellence awards, as well as SAPOA’s Best Retail development in 2011.

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