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Stand 47A novel website, WWW.STAND47.CO.ZA, allows visitors to take a step-by-step guided tour through a physical home using only a cell phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Stand 47 is an award-winning concept house co-developed by Saint-Gobain, the world’s leading producer of contemporary building technology. The home was built to physically demonstrate the considerable benefits of building with state of the art building materials and systems, rather than with more traditional materials like bricks and mortar.


Whilst the public are invited to personally visit and experience the home (situated in Monaghan Farm in northern Johannesburg), this potentially excludes a broader, national audience who are based further afield.

Accordingly, the <>  website features an interactive filmed Virtual Tour that gives viewers direct visual exposure to the inside and outside of the house. The tour allows the user to easily move through the home at their own pace and examine information that explains the features and benefits in different parts of the home. Importantly, this ‘first-person view’ is accessible to anybody using any smart device connected to the Internet, without the need for any application download.


The site also offers useful insight on how to build a home that is more efficient, comfortable, safer and healthier to live in.

The website was produced by The New Order, a design-led multidisciplinary agency directly involved in developing and building the concept house.

Says Evan Lockhart-Barker Head of marketing at Saint-Gobain South Africa – “The Stand 47 website is a great example of our approach to technology and innovation. We innovate to deliver tangible benefits to consumers. In this case, our digital innovation enables practically any consumer to visit our home and experience aspects of its benefits with the greatest of ease. The new design aims to attract more viewers, to demystify concerns and perceptions about contemporary building methods and to inform those interested to build their own Abode of Awesome”.


Says Gavin Rooke, founder of The New Order “We believe design is the interface between information and understanding. Everything we do is aimed at enabling consumers to understand the benefits of the brands we build. We believe this website achieves exactly that”.



More information:

Stand 47 is open to visitors, by appointment only. More information on the house is available on the website, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

About Saint-Gobain:

Saint-Gobain is the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, continually designing and producing high quality building materials and innovative building systems that have a strong sustainable building ethos.

About The New Order:

The New Order is a design-led agency that focuses on accelerating consumer adoption of innovative products and services.   /

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