The design of a new apartment block designed by StudioMAS, called Thirty Keyes, has been unveiled, adding a residential element to the Keyes Art Mile precinct in Rosebank.

View looking south east, with the Thirty Keyes residential development in the foreground and the art foundation and public exhibition space in the background. Shops line Keyes Avenue to achieve an active and walkable neighbourhood art precinct.

A series of stylish, thoughtfully designed residential apartments will soon break ground along the Keyes Arts Mile in Rosebank, ideal for those urban lovers who desire a communal, convenient and enriching lifestyle. To be called Thirty Keyes, and with a first phase of fifty-five units on sale, these apartments are set to become some of the most sought-after living spaces in Johannesburg.

The brainchild of Tomorrow Co., the same people behind the Keyes Art Mile, this project has been percolating for eight years, in which time some of the industry’s greatest minds have shaped its symbiotic character. With a strong focus on a thriving, collaborative neighbourhood, and perfectly located on the Dunkeld border, Thirty Keyes looks onto leafier suburbs whilst being a heartbeat away from the pulsing, rapidly emerging high street that is the Keyes Art Mile. Live. Work. Play. Love. Do it all.

This new venture is as much a property development as it is a commitment to sustaining and growing the thriving, interactive community that has, over the past few years, brought the neighbourhood to life. “We are so encouraged by how the Keyes Art Mile has contributed to Johannesburg’s cultural landscape,” explains Anton Taljaard, Co-Founder and Director of Tomorrow Co. “The atmosphere, sense of engagement and participation that prevails along the avenue is all set to work in harmony with the respect that the design of Thirty Keyes has given to privacy – manifested in quiet, private courtyards, rooftop gardens and the greened communal courtyard for residents only. The perfect balance has been struck between moments of quiet and engaging public spaces – which all makes for the ideal living environment for the modern, culture-loving individual”.

And that, in essence, is what makes Thirty Keyes so different. It’s a change of habit, where your living space extends beyond the front door into a vibrant, diverse neighbourhood, a seamless flow from home comforts into a highly stimulating outside world.

Beyond the private spaces of Thirty Keyes – and building on Tomorrow Co.’s alignment with and close proximity to art galleries like CIRCA, Everard Read, SMAC and TMRW Gallery – one of the standout features of Thirty Keyes is that it will live adjacent to a dedicated art foundation, a cross between a private museum and public exhibition area.

Designed as a mixed-use development with paradigm-shifting ambitions, this project aims to be a catalyst for communal values, where people walk and connect, interacting with a broader community and breathing new life into an old, cherished suburb.

With shops spilling out onto Keyes and Jellicoe Avenues to facilitate an active street life, it will be home to a range of new neighbourhood establishments – from artisanal delis and atypical restaurants to design studios, coffee shops and a selection of service outlets. This retail offering is an extension of the ‘high street’ of the Trumpet Building – home to thriving eateries like Marble, Momo Kuro, BGR and Milk Bar, and stores like Shelflife, Anatomy, Okapi and Cassina.

The concourse level, much like a piazza, is an extension of the street. It will be accessed by a generous set of stairs off Jellicoe Avenue and form a forecourt to the Thirty Keyes reception and the ground floor ‘atelier’ units and coffee shop.

The art foundation space will sit above the concourse level and will be accessed via escalators and a set of lifts and above the art space, the development will house office space, an expansive rooftop garden and two penthouses with optimal views across Johannesburg’s skyline. Residents of Thirty Keyes will have access – from their apartments via two walkways – to this building.

But it’s the open, free-flowing atmosphere and careful consideration that makes Thirty Keyes truly special. Inspired by European street culture and with a huge emphasis on courtyard living, the apartments all look out onto a central communal space, overflowing with greenery and intended as a meeting point to connect residents. The lowest level apartments are high above street level, giving all owners magnificent views, and those with private courtyards enjoy a seamless flow from indoors to out. A few of the apartments have access to private roof gardens, and the rooftop public park in the adjacent building will be open for all to enjoy. This opportunity to live inside/out, to enjoy fresh-aired freedom without having to leave your living space, is another one of this precinct’s thoughtful distinctions.

StudioMAS, the same firm that designed CIRCA and Trumpet on Keyes, are once again in charge, but as lead architect Pierre Swanepoel explains, they intend to do more than merely erect another urban monument. “Thirty Keyes is not a trophy building, but rather a testament to our belief in the unique charm of the greater Rosebank area,” he says. “Our objective is to create a space inspired by what’s already here, a building that helps shape the way people live, and that through this, these people will shape the environment around them.”

The design of a new apartment block designed by StudioMAS, called Thirty Keyes, has been unveiled, adding a residential element to the Keyes Art Mile precinct in Rosebank.

View looking west within the Thirty Keyes residential development showing the landscaped courtyard space between apartments – a space for neighbours to meet.

Private but designed to create a sense of belonging, these apartments are aligned to and influenced by global living trends, where supportive residential communities are emerging, creating inclusive buffers against the global instability that threatens to erode our empathy and humanity. A combination of minimal, understated elegance and super practical, astutely smart spatial solutions, there are a number of options for buyers to choose from:

  • Solo Series: single-level master bedroom apartments, paired with a balcony.
  • Demi Series: single-level master bedroom apartments, paired with a balcony, and either a library room or guest bedroom.
  • Demi Series Plus: single-level master bedroom apartments, paired with a balcony and a spacious second bedroom.
  • Duo Series Courtyard: two bedroom, double-level apartments, with private courtyard as well as direct courtyard access.
  • Duo Series Roof Garden: two bedroom, double-level apartments, paired with a balcony and private roof garden.
  • The Editions: double-level apartments, each with two en-suite bedrooms, a library or pyjama lounge, a spacious balcony and a private courtyard that leads to a generously proportioned roof garden with uninterrupted views of Johannesburg.
  • Atelier Series: double-level apartments designed for living and working, combining a lower-level studio or showroom space with an upper-level Solo apartment.

The apartments all ascribe to an unfettered, efficient design ethic that places as much importance on sleek, high-end finishes as it does on the real-life, day-to-day realities of inhabiting a space. Andrea Kleinloog, Partner and Interior Designer at HesseKleinloog, is overseeing all of the interiors. “To work on a residential development that is exceptional on every level is a dream project,” she enthuses. “We approached Thirty Keyes with a balanced sensitivity to ensure we stayed true to the vision of highly optimised spatial design, innate luxury and a harmonious link with the abundant natural influences. Above all, we wanted to create beautiful canvases that are open to individual interpretation.”

The design team dedicated an enormous amount to the project, fitting the apartments with the finest products from world-class brands like SMEG, Kohler and Belgotex Softology. There will also be opportunities to add additional elements or accessories like bespoke garden packages, garden furniture, and timber shutters that enhance outdoor living. All buyers will be offered a free consultation with True Design that includes preferential purchase arrangements on global design brands like Cassina, Kartell and Moroso.

The naturally sublime form of Thirty Keyes is supported by seamless functionality. The entire building is always-on with electricity and water, and all gas hobs are council-linked, while concierge, laundry, dry cleaning and tailoring services, a fibre-ready infrastructure, and in-apartment catering, grocery and floral deliveries are easily arranged. An integrated neighbourhood security system with additional control rooms and streetlights designed to increase safety are in place, and have been implemented off the back Tomorrow Co.’s existing operations.

It’s all been designed to make life simpler, to free up time and to give residents the opportunity to be inspired by the city that surrounds them. These highly efficient, incredibly functional apartments are suited to those who want the comfort and convenience of an impeccably designed space coupled with the adventure and spirit that an area like this offers on any given night. It’s intelligent living for those who live a very full life.

In addition, Thirty Keyes is conveniently central, close to transport hubs like the Gautrain, safely protected by a highly efficient patrolling service and a stone’s throw from over 250 public parking bays, these in addition to the building’s dedicated spaces. Rosebank’s premium property prices make any purchase here a sound investment.

There are many reasons to love Thirty Keyes. There’s the seamless integration with an active arts precinct, a natural sense of community and effortless shifts from work life to home entertainment to social pursuits. But ultimately, it’s a blank canvas, one created for its inhabitants to create their own rituals, to customise their own experiences and to curate a life that is fulfilling, enthralling and deeply connected.


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