Superior Metal Protection for your Home

While maintaining your home to keep it looking at its absolute best is an on-going project, the good news is that caring for the metals around your house needn’t be a time-consuming task. Hammerite is the “three-in-one” of metal paints offering all the benefits associated with a primer, undercoat and gloss enamel in one easy-to-use product. Produced by Dulux, part of the world’s number one paint company, AkzoNobel, Hammerite is the ultimate in specialist metal protection.

Making Metal Last

“Given the right treatment, metal can last for generations. Whether it is iron, steel or galvanised/zinc metals, we all love the timeless quality that metal brings. All types of metal are vulnerable to water, sunlight, frost, rust and physical damage, which is why they need constant protection to keep them structurally strong and looking their best,” says Dulux Brand Manager for Hammerite, Carol-Anne Curtis.

“Hammerite is a simple solution for the decoration, protection and restoration of all metal. Specially formulated to form a tough barrier that resists rust, corrosion, knocks and scrapes, Hammerite maintains a beautiful finish for longer,” says Curtis.

Ultimate Metal Protection

Unlike conventional paints, Hammerite can be applied directly onto metal without using a primer and undercoat first. In addition to being a simple solution to the issues of rust and corrosion, Hammerite is guaranteed to protect metals for up to eight years. This means proud home-owners can focus on the important task of beautifying their house and property, safe in the knowledge that their metals are being given superior protection that lasts longer.

Founded on ground-breaking alkyd technology, Hammerite’s viscous formulation has robust adhesive properties, providing a substantive barrier that keeps corrosive elements, such as water and oxygen, away from the substrate. Hammerite’s extreme anti-corrosion properties and moisture-shedding and protective characteristics rejuvenate metal making it look brand new.

Furthermore, the rapid development of Hammerite’s film makes re-coating possible within hours. This impenetrable film provides superior scratch and abrasion resistance with a professional finish.

The Metal Paint Specialist

Available in a selection of beautiful colours including red, metallic and dark green, as well as an option of finishes that include Hammered, Satin, Smooth and Forged, Hammerite has the power to banish rust or bring metal to life. Hammerite, the ultimate metal protection!

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