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From housing to homes: An emerging development trend

Large-scale housing developers are increasingly recognising the necessity of constructing projects alongside broader community infrastructure such as schools, shopping centers, hospitals and public transport.   This holistic focus is a welcome shift from the emphasis on constructing as many homes as possible, regardless of whether they may be located far from job opportunities or the […]

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Peace and quiet in Italy’s kitchens

Nuove Dimensioni Ambientali, S.p.A. (N.D.A.), the Italian supplier of solutions for acoustic insulation, uses Basotect® to absorb sound and thermally insulate its Zeus® ventilation system. Zeus is designed to provide thermal insulation and sound absorption in building air vents and the inside is lined throughout with light gray Basotect G. BASF’s open-cell melamine resin foam […]

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Renewable Energy World Africa to launch at POWER-GEN Africa 2012

PennWell Corporation has announced the launch of Renewable Energy World Africa, which will be co-located with the inaugural POWER-GEN Africa conference & exhibition to be held in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa on 6-8 November 2012.   Renewable Energy World Africa joins PennWell’s existing network of leading Renewable Energy World events including Renewable Energy World […]

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Intelligent buildings for today and tomorrow’s energy challenges

In today’s energy-sensitive world, it comes as no surprise that good common sense can do a great deal in making a difference. Buildings and the various cogs and chains that run it are no different. According to Neil Cameron, General Manager at Johnson Controls Building Efficiency: Systems & Service: Africa, energy efficiency does not enjoy […]

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Technology contracting can build ‘smart’ into your buildings’ foundations

Smart buildings are not a fad; they offer proven advantage. Technology contracting, an emerging best practice for construction of facilities, literally builds ‘smart’ into the supporting infrastructure of a building. It’s doing away with traditional multi-contractor autonomy, centralising management and responsibility for the planning, implementation and commissioning of complex supporting systems. The benefits are considerable, […]

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Gio Plumbing water-saving range pic 1

Get water-wise in the bathroom

Tile Africa Contracts introduced a new range of shower roses, hand-held showers and hoses that reduce water consumption without affecting the water pressure and amount of water delivered. The Gio Plumbing range consists of water flow regulators that maintain a predefined constant flow rate regardless of the line pressure. The regulator reacts to water pressure […]

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Smart homes – a new necessity

It wasn’t long ago that ‘smart homes’ were a futuristic dream shared only by the rich and famous, but now the functionality and energy-saving advantages of green home are becoming commonplace – borne of need and smart technology accessibility.   Smart homes can contain as little as simple energy-saving sensor lights that remain on only […]

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Top hung wndow Swartland (2)

Different styles of wooden windows explained

Whether you are building or renovating, your home’s windows can be one of its most attractive features. In fact, just replacing out-dated windows with beautiful new ones can give your home an entirely new look.   Not only are windows a very practical architectural feature, providing convenient ventilation and letting in natural light, but they […]

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TAL Screedmaster pic 2

Super-smooth screeding

For super-smooth screeding, TAL Screedmaster promises customers the perfect solution. It is a high-strength, rapid-set, shrinkage-compensated compound with high flow properties to produce a level, smooth, flexible and hardwearing floor surface.   It is renowned for its satin-smooth finish and fast-setting qualities as final floor coverings can be fixed after 24 hours, making TAL Screedmaster […]

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vera wall mounted unit and vanity basin

Bathroom cabinet trends for 2011

It was over a decade ago when trend watchers started noticing the first stirrings of the inclusion of furniture in the bathroom. Today, this is standard practice, with a wide variety of beautiful and durable furniture on the market, made specifically for bathroom applications.   Says Jasmin Kraneveldt from Bathroom Bizarre: “In the past, many […]

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