TAL expands into Africa through sustainable development

TAL, a manufacturer and supplier of tiling installation products, has recently ventured further into Africa in an effort to provide tiling solutions and contribute to infrastructure development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The African continent is booming both in commercial and residential development. Key issues that remain critical are the availability of product, including tiles and adhesives.  Another factor to consider is that the majority of products required in construction are imported and have long lead times.

There are also skills shortages in crucial areas of construction, particularly in the finishing of a building. “Modern methods have not necessarily been passed on to tradesmen, so many processes are archaic,” says Chaitan Manga, general manager at TAL.

The company has been expanding into Africa in a slow and systematic basis, first understanding the market demands and then facilitating an appropriate solution. “Each country has its own distinguishing challenges which have made expansion into the market more difficult,” says Manga.

In order to ensure continuity and development in the future, TAL places sustainable development at the core of its business. “The only way a business can operate sustainably is to focus on the correct application of socio-economic, environmental and corporate governance principles,” he says.

Some of the challenges facing businesses expanding into other African countries include political unrest, unstable economies, and skills development. Each one needs to be weighted up before any decisions can be made to work in a region.

TAL has found sustainable development in Africa to be of major importance as Africa is a developing continent and offers vast natural resources used during the manufacturing of products. The company is expanding into Sub-Saharan Africa in an environmentally sustainable manner. “Without sustainable development at the forefront, we as a company will not be able to meet the present needs while ensuring the fulfilment of the construction and expansion requirements of future generations,” explains Manga.

For more information visit www.tal.co.za or contact the TAL advisory service on 0860 000 (TAL) 825.

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