TAL introduces new grout bag packaging for easy colour matching

TAL is introducing new grout bag packaging to make the grout colour matching process easier for the tiling contractor and end-user.

The new 5kg grout plastic bags replacing the current 5kg paper bags are easier to handle and carry, and are more durable than the paper bags as they won’t tear on site. The TAL grout range, including TAL Wall & Floor grout as well as TAL Mosaicfix are now available in plastic bags.

“The new bags feature a clear see-through window so that the grout colour is clearly visible,” says Gela Ohl, Marketing Manager at TAL.  Grout in powder form is the same colour as the cured grout when in the tile joints and with the grout colour now clearly visible through the packaging, tiling contractors and DIY customers will have no problem matching the colour to the tiles they’re installing.

The plastic bags also come with a handy flap featuring three finger holes that makes it easier to carry the bags on site and move them from one area to the next.

As a leading supplier of grout, tile adhesives, primers, additives, screeds, waterproofing and repair compounds, TAL is a one-stop-shop for tiling solutions.

The plastic bags feature clear step-by-step instructions and information for customers that is straightforward to understand so that they can rest assured in the knowledge that they are specifying and purchasing the correct product and grout colour.

TAL’s packaging may be changing, but customers can still expect the same reliable, top quality and locally manufactured products that they’ve come to trust from TAL.

The improved packaging complies with the Consumer Protection Act and contains clear and precise instructions for the installer to follow.

TAL is making tiling easy and thanks to its new product packaging customers can now choose the right products they require to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

For more information visit www.tal.co.za or contact the TAL Technical Advisory Service on 0860 000 (TAL) 825.

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