TAL opens new production plant in Durban

TAL has expanded its footprint with a new production plant in Durban, which launched on 1 September this year in Springfield Park, central Durban.


As the leading tile adhesive manufacturing company in South Africa and part of Norcros SA, TAL boasts established production plants in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and now has a truly national footprint with plants in three of the country’s major centres.


“The new Durban plant offers a number of advantages – it allows us to tap into local raw material suppliers, establish trade relationships with other suppliers and expand our supplier network,” says Andrew Dekker, the Norcros KwaZulu-Natal branch manager.

In addition to servicing the entire KZN region, the plant will now also strengthen the company’s drive and presence into the export market via the Durban port to the Indian Ocean islands, Reunion, Comoros, Seychelles, and Mauritius.


The new plant, which produces construction adhesives and chemicals, will greatly increase the company’s efficiency, ensuring it continues to stay ahead of its competitors. The need to transport material to and from Johannesburg has been significantly reduced, further improving its service levels and reducing its previous carbon footprint.


TAL, which is part of Norcros SA, has 40 years’ experience in South Africa and its products are made in South Africa by South Africans for South Africans and especially formulated to suit local conditions. TAL is ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified and its products are designed, manufactured and tested to TAL standards, assuring customers that products will perform to specification.

The TAL Warranty Programme offers a 10-year warranty on any tiling installation, provided a Materials and Methods specification is issued by TAL for the project, TAL products are used in strict accordance with the specification and the installation is undertaken by a TAL registered tiler and monitored by TAL.


Visit the TAL website at www.tal.co.za or contact the TAL advisory service on 0860 000 (TAL)825.

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